The Freezing of /b/

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The ultimate freezing of /b/? The probably-not-ultimate raping of /r9k/? 08/27/08 - never...forget? Nope, guess not.

The Details


To put it simply, it was impossible to post on /b/. The server was down. /b/ was frozen. (/r9k/ was also raped - there were no posts left.)


Previously, /b/ had of course been undergoing wave upon wave of terrible threads and idiocy. We all knew moot had been contemplating what to do about this, but nothing had yet been done. Briefly we had the DNS Days, a period of time in which 80% of 4chan users were blocked out, meaning calmer discussion. But this came to an end. Most recently, /b/ had been hit with a barrage of spam (see JavaScript Spam.)

Possible Outcomes

  • This could just be because moot is finally making the changes he said he would. /b/ is back and nothing has happened.
  • Or, because all threads are automatically deleted after a set period of time, moot could just be waiting for /b/'s threads to disappear entirely (taking the spam with them) so we can start afresh. This didn't happen either.

The Saga Unfolded

(This is a record of the continuous updates that were written as the saga unfolded. Newest to oldest.)

  • DISREGARD EVERYTHING!!! I SUCK COCKS!!! /b/ is back. Again.
  • DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS /b/ is screwing up again. A quick check to 4chan Status shows that this time it's reversed - the dat server is up but the img server isn't. Fat lot of good THAT is to anyone.
  • /s/ has taken in the /b/tards in their time of need. However it seems they will be booted out unless they pay rent. Rent consists of pornographic images. Will the /b/tards remember this kindness in the hours to come?
  • The /b/tards have tried to find shelter in other boards, meeting disdain from the residents of those boards. They're currently trying to find a place where they can discuss this without disturbance.
  • DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS It's been deleted. :| Except you can still see it from the front page. What. It reads as follows: "Dear Moot. Can this all really be worth it for you? Just close /b/ down. Thanks. The cancer has won. It's euthanasia time." Could this be the writer of the virus?
  • DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS Someone's made a post. It is a desperate plea to moot asking him to close /b/ down, or could it be something else entirely? A threat.
  • DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS No-one is able to post. The reason for this is that the server is down but the is up, meaning you can see /b/ but not post on it. Ironically, the last post made before the freeze was: "The zombies [spam] seemed to have stoped for now. They could come back soon."
  • DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS It's back, and there is slightly less - SLIGHTLY LESS - spam on the front page.
  • It would seem that and are now down. This means /b/ (and /r9k/) are down. What could this mean? Is moot taking action? Or has the end of /b/ truly arrived?