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Warning!Jew100px.jpgThis contributor is a Jew.
You can help by keeping your gold far away.

Ancient History

I was there for the .net

moot was underage b& and it was obvious but more importantly he was the little girl

Recent History

First I did the real Wikichan. Then I didn't do the fake Wikichan, because fuck them.

Then I signed up for Lurkmore bc in 2010 it was pretty clear Wikichan was dead and I had nowhere else to go.

Four years passed with me doing nothing. Except for a couple things. Becoming pals with Jake of Blindmute-Loli and then later Brian Fretton of Romeo-san and Juliette. After both of them admitted they were making it up as they went along I wanted in on the action attention. I ended up writing the Liliad. Yeah, the ending took a long time to think of. For those who felt like it was pandering: fuck you dude I tried.

So I got that attention I'd always wanted and went away for a bit.


I'm still alive? Nah.