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Wakaba++ is the imageboard software used on LURKMORE Wiki's chan sites. As the name implies, Wakaba++ is a modified version of Wakaba.

Needed upgrades (in order of importance)

  1. date field in ban panel
  2. Offline caching
    cache all posted images in an offline folder using the thread number as a subfolder
    possibly add an option to delete the archived image as well (spam control)
  3. Archive indexing
    auto create/update index file for archiving
  4. Advanced moderation
    in thread moderation using unique mod password
  5. Capped tripcodes
    ala kareha
  6. In post ban message
  7. Post rating system
    just for shits, no real effect other than + and - buttons and a score
  8. first image bigger than rest
  9. increase version to 4.0.3

completed work

  • add sticky
  • add close thread
  • add permasage option
  • add icons for all three
  • fix mod post in admin page
edit fields in futaba_style.pl to update them
  • fix reply link to be # instead of /
  • make admin page location a variable
  • fix php exploit / use generated names for non-image filetypes
comment out if-block at comment "externally defined filetype - restore the name" in wakaba.pl
  • add link under title for author page of blog and wiki page
  • increase version to 4.0.0
  • add image thumbnails to admin panel