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The Overchan is an anonymous imageboard portal, linking all the current boards from various imageboard sites into one frame. It is used to easily navigate through the various imageboards on different sites, without leaving the site. The original overchan (v1) is a pile of shit. Overchan v2 was created by Mohey Pori !m0hEY/p0RI.

The Overchan v2 was originally created during the time of "4chan's 2006 /b/ exodus." It listed all of the /b/ - Random boards from around the 'net. It currently lists all boards from any imageboard that isn't full of CP or spam.

The site currently has sections listing furry shit and textboards. The furry section is called OfurCHAN, and the textboard section OverTEXT.

On August 16, 2012, Mohey Pori announced that he would be closing Overchan:

"Well, with only UPUPACHAN added, I double-checked every site currently listed on here, and updated anything that needed to be fixed, both here, Ofurchan, and Textchan.
At this point, Overchan V.2 is officially dead, and I will not be updating the site anymore. I'll keep the site online for about 3-4 months, and after that, I'll probably take everything down just to prevent any further decline of relevance. Of course anyone is free to bring back the project on their own, and there's really isn't any software or anything I've used during the six-year run.
I want to extend thanks for everyone who've contributed sites, help, legal advice, random hangouts and other shit over the past. It's been real.
Not sure what else to say so I guess I will just end this post here. Thank you all, and take care.
R.I.P. Overchan Version 2: 2006 - 2012"

Due to the closure, Overchan split off to two sites, both labeled Overchan v3.

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