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; Shay Laren
; Shay Laren
: [[File:1184233269426s.jpg|This is not a GIF]]
: [[File:1184233269426s.jpg|thumb|This is not a GIF]]
; Wendy James
; Wendy James

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How to make an animated GIF.

/gif/ - Animated GIF board on 4chan.

An animated GIF is an image file made up of multiple frames.

Common porn GIFs

In order to keep the same files from appearing on 4chan/gif/ daily, we shall archive common porn GIFs below. Hopefully, this will stop faggots from crying for SAUCE or MOAR or RAPIDSHIT every day.

MaryAnne - Ass Worship 8
Shay Laren
This is not a GIF
Wendy James

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