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The information below will help you contact the people who can potentially provide support for the following sites: chanchan/chansluts, male general, tranchan, intern3ts, textchan, penetrate you, and possibly more!

You can connect to the chat right now, right in your browser, without any extra setup. Visit the webchat page for LURKMORE IRC chat, enter any username and hit Connect. That's it, you're ready to chat.

File Removal Requests

Use your brain and contact the correct address for your problem. If you spam all of the addresses, expect your request to be ignored completely. Rude and/or belligerent communications will be ignored.

Personal communications are never shared—hundreds of camwhores just like you can attest to that, though you'll never know because their communications weren't shared.

Deleting your own thread or post

You posted and now you want to get rid of it? See the checkbox beside your posts? Do you see that pretty box on the bottom right of the page labeled Delete Post? Use it.

If that doesn't work, or you already tried that (and it didn't work), email us. In your message, include an apology for wasting our time, links to the posts (duh), provide proof of who you are (some sort of ID, or a simple verisigned picture which includes a timestamp and "<3 chansluts" (or whatever site you post on), will suffice—assuming you're trying to delete your pictures), and/or provide your IP address.


Spam posts, child pornography, bestiality, etc

You really have to ask why this is important? If you see this garbage on the site, get on IRC and inform us. Point out the thread(s) in the channel.

DMCA Notices (content you own)

You must send a properly formatted notice, with your contact information (that means your mailing address), and with actual proof that the materials are yours (links to original locations, profiles that match identity, etc). Welcome to the world of law. We don't always send replies by mail, but you don't want to delay your content removal by providing false information do you?

We're kind enough to delete pictures of your fat, ugly ass if you just send a verisigned picture, though.


Please note that anyone who contacts us claiming that the media at issue is child pornography is going to be reported to the appropriate authorities for creating and distributing child pornography. Creating and distributing images of a child is illegal—that includes your own images.

Points of contact

real time chat 
Contact mods/admin or chat with other visitors
site-help @
Contacting tranchan's MODZILLA
noodlekommand69 @