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Variable Armor Interface Network Array 'VA-INA'
VA-INA Concept Art.jpg
Code name VA-INA
Unit name Variable Armor Interface Network Array
Notable Pilot Ada Zul
Classification Mecha

A prototype mecha, variable use medium-range combat unit.

Unlike ENIS and A-NL, which rely on two different Hotblood-activated operating systems, Shishiou and Harlock, VA-INA uses a Coldblood-activated OS, Tohno. This system provides a much finer degree of control than the Hotblood OSs, though supplying less overall destructive potential than a Hotblood OS.

If ENIS is the ultimate dueller, capable of taking on any Super, and A-NL is the great arsenal, capable of creating any weapon to meet any situation, VA-INA is a one-woman army, capable of destroying thousands of lesser mecha on its own. It's great weakness, at least when it is first encountered, is that it lakes Super-level weaponry to take on other Supers. However, as Ada Zul develops, so does VA-INA as its crystal responds to the power of its wielder. By the end of the series, it is equal in power to the other two main mecha.


An explodium compound comprises the armor around the cockpit and head unit, as well as VA-INA's fists. The rest of the body is armored by a duranium-seddlerium composite that is as thin as the armor of a GR3-Y Fox while being far denser. Harder to shape and form, as well as costing as much as an entire Lion cruiser, it is a highly experimental armor that has proved stronger than the armor of most Lion Supers.

Weapons and equipment

  • 2x Beam Rifles: Variable power weapons mounted on VA-INA's hips.
  • 2x Tentacle Hangs: Extendable manipulator arms use an advanced artificial musculature to expand up to four times their original length with no sacrifice in power or strength. Armed with powerful claws at the end of each arm, the VA-INA lashes out, slashing at and spearing through the enemy.
  • 2x Claw Drivers: Using advanced phasing technology, VA-INA's Claw Drivers are capable of ignoring conventional armor.
  • 1x Micro-filament Mane: Hundred strands of nano-wire used in close-combat to slice through the toughest armors, capable of extending like tentacles to grab enemy mecha.
  • Dentata Formata
  • Under-hip mounted thruster
  • Blade wings
VA-INA Sprite Sheet.jpg

Units/VA-INA is part of a series on Project E.N.I.S. Mecha

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