I want to open carry a DEAGLE

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A copypasta created in /k/ in spring 2007, combining nearly everything that /k/ommandos hate into a simple but effective troll. It centers around /k/'s disdain for the Desert Eagle pistol and the videogame Counter-Strike, and also incorporates other memes.

Original Copypasta

I want to open carry a DEAGLE just to piss people off. I want everyone to be so fucking enraged when they see my DEAGLE...at the
range, at the store, at the neighbor's, in the neighborhood. I want them to SEE my power of the M16. I WANT them to see my accuracy
of a sniper rifle. I WANT THEM TO SEE THAT IN ONE HIT AND IT'S ALL OVER YES IT IS. They must know.

I want every person in this world to know:
for every strike, there IS A COUNTER-STRIKE

Other Copypasta

Toward the end of summer, another Deagle copypasta began making the rounds on /k/:

I've been hit with 5.56 three times dead in the chest. I was in Fallujah and I killed about 16 insurgents before I had to pop in a
fresh mag, but a sniper took out my left knee and I collapsed during the reload. Well, needless to say, I was out of action. A
bunch of other insurgents started swarming to my location, so I pulled out my KABAR and shanked one of those dirty sand niggers
right in the throat, but while this was happening some other Hadji got ahold of my AUG and the fresh mag that I dropped when the
sniper nailed me. He loaded it up and tagged me twice in the right lung before I pulled out my Deagle and returned fire as he was
squeezing off a third shot. My .50 slug obliterated his gray matter and his third round pierced my left ventricle. Most people
would have died, but I just did the mash, I did the monster mash.