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Part Metal Hero, part Sixth Sentai Ranger, and part Kamen Rider, Muteki Yuusha Ken Metal Rider was sent to Earth from Planet Archmael in an attempt to protect it from the invasion forces of the evil Emperor Kraal. Metal Rider, like all self-respecting Henshin heroes, has both a human and a "hero" form. His human form resembles a typical Japanese human male and goes by the name of Takeshi Nobuhiko. Week after week, Takeshi battles the forces Emperor Kraal has dispatched to enslave the human race and destroy its civilization.


Takeshi Nobuhiko/Metal Rider

A rookie in Archmael's Interplanetary Protection Force, Takeshi's assignment to Earth was actually a mistake. Initially, a more experienced soldier was to be sent, however, due to an attack on the battleship they were both assigned to, Takeshi got into what he thought was an escape pod. Instead, it turned out to be the deployment pod that the real soldier was going to be sent to Earth on.

Social skills aren't exactly Takeshi's strong point. Even before arriving on Earth, he was very socially awkward, and being on an alien planet only amplifies this. He often says things that are best left unsaid, and his skills with females are sub-par at best. However, upon changing into the Metal Rider, his suits AI system kicks in and he undergoes a total personality shift. He becomes strong, valiant, and rather suave-sometimes earning the respect of the women he usually scares away. However, his identity must be kept a secret from the people of Earth.

He earned the name "Metal Rider" on Earth due to his shiny metal armor and his sleek motorcycle.