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A new era begins for CHANCHAN. A board dedicated to RANDOM stupidity, camwhores and messing with ordinary lives.

At the beginning of CHANCHAN, there were only boards dedicated to camgirls and camboys, and even traps.


As time progressed the site saw a series of changes that would eventually leave it with little progress or new material, sending it to a period that replaced tits with faggy MySpace pictures and little posts about boyfriends and girlfriends and quirky little things.

Time passes by swiftly and the legion at /b/ began to grow and swell in all its glory, casting the horde of anonymous across the stretch of the internets in the name of Longcat, Grey area and shoes on heads. Amongst the many sites left ruined in its wake, Stickam, still a ripe and growing place for attention whores and gaiafags was targetted. For weeks and months the battle raged on, countless videos of JB and shoes were achieved and much win was had. It was truly a glorious era.

Yet deep beneath the mortal turmoils that lay beneath the onslaught of Desu and spam there was but a group of individuals, each disturbed in their own psyche and thought, which seemingly merged with the random chaos from the hellhole itself. This particular group eventually befriended exiled anonymous, those who have forsaken their anonymity to embrace the weight of individual image and profile. This group as it were was /pp/.

Officially /pp/ began when FL-chan asked how many of the room's denizens wanted a board on CHANCHAN. This led to a brief discussion which ended in the decision that none of the /pp/ regulars were really camwhores and seperate boards just wouldn't be active at all. In conclusion they decided to lump it all together to form the occasional win and fail that is /pp/.

Here within the heart of camwhores and gossip, amidst harassment and drama, /pp/ is the sole board dedicated only to that which matters most --that being tits and random feats of shock and terror, sealed permanently within one's memory through the use of laughter and tears. It is a group of circle jerks and if one were to brave the test of time and become part of its group then perhaps they may better understand its true purpose.

It is also a known fact that not even the admins of CHANCHAN know the purpose of /pp/, just that it is there, and people go to it.

Current Hiatus

Planet Pluto's official Stickam page is currently on hiatus, until I decide I want to continue with Stickam again. I don't know if this is permanent, but right now I have more on my plate than I care to have and Stickam is not something I have time for right now. We'll see what happens.

Cast of Misfits


Pluto's latest album "Grenades in Public Gatherings" comes out this month.
Known otherwise as Dylan. The innocent, often clueless host of the /pp/ chatroom, Pluto's days are spent in front of the computer and keeping an eye on the antics of his beloved crew. He loathes drama and while he does try to make the impression of being a complete asshole, on the contrary, he is a gentle and caring individual. Most of the time he remains untouched by everyone else (Mainly due to the fact that ass-kissing him often gets on his better side).
Every so often he has a tendency to show up drunk in which every member seizes the oppurtunity to take advantage and mercilessly make him do something stupid and obscene. Just as innocent as any fat person can be, he recovers the next day without any idea of what previously occurred. It's better that way as well.


Known otherwise as Kevin. Born to mixed parents, FL is the living manifestation of every white man and black man on the face of the planet. He is a relatively unknown moderator on CHANCHAN though he is active on /pp/. As a wigra, FL does indeed possess a large enough dick, no man or woman has the needs to satiate the deadly resistance of his man-sword. For this purpose he wields the greatest tool ever to grace and fulfill the needs of a desktop nerd --the almighty fleshlight from which his name is derived.


From the darkest corners of the eastern empire emerged the spawn of hatred, tossed with a slight hint of compassion and cooked with a generous helping of fried rice. This spawn was Yellow. It is Yellow's job to point out the obvious facts within /pp/ and utilize as an advantage to make fun of someone. Yellow hates every white person within the room due to the fact that they're responsible for everything bad in the world. Though he has long since shed his anonymity for identity, Yellow still hates it whenever someone in /pp/ fucks up the rules of /b/ itself --such as naming chans without passing the rite of passage through the hellhole itself or generally using old memes.
User:ThatYellowBTard - Yellow's Page of the Now

Gore Whore

Gore using the well known technique known as the "MySpace angles" in an attempt to look less like the obese monster she is.
Known as Cassandra. Gore is an obese yet refined young woman who, like every other obese yet refined young woman, is into the BDSM culture. Constantly submissive and with a big enough rack to boot, Gore remains the person to speak to regarding S&M and fetish related topics. She also has a tendency to mope about boyfriends and is the poor sister of Buddy. Gore was the earliest female to lurk in /pp/. Compared to everyone else Gore is a considerably open and friendly person though by no means is she ever to be considered a rational person due to the fact that she often participates in frequent trolling. At present, Pluto has left briefly to get himself some pussy-whipped bliss. Gore has since taken over hosting the /pp/ chatroom. It is a known fact that she has no life and hasn't seen sunlight in 10 years.


Known as Ryan, Noodles is the semi-good looking boy next door with a dangerous fixation for young boys. He is notorious for breaking Gore's heart after a dramatic period of faggy text-offline kissing and hugging (Not like its really gonna happen, stupid cybersex morons). Noodles is the only person to bear possession of Gore's tits which are reported to be huge in terms of proportion. Heather supposedly sent him nude pictures in the past due to having a certain crush on him. Noodles, on the other hand, simple wanks off to whatever he can scavenge, usually underage boys and shota hentai.


Some believe Zombie is actually an overweight 10 year old goth girl, this is still debatable amongst the denizens of /pp/ though with the recent discovery of a certain picture depicting a shaven nether region it's becoming more and more believable. Zombie is known mostly for randomly coming on cam to scream "TIT MOUSE" and making faces only a mother could love. Yellow seems to think Zombie served in Iraq, while this never happened, Zombie has a habit of killing sand niggers just for fun. He also remains unnervingly quiet and practically says nothing during the time he spends on /pp/ chat. As a result, Zombie is pretty much a zombie. Zombie also claims to own a $700 fursuit he purchased off of ebay; this has yet to be proven but is quite possible.


When Adam first took a dump after tasting the fruit of temptation, Coros was born. God's unnecessary creation of the perfect man resulted in him giving birth to everything which was both perfect and flawed. No one understands how or why women seem to admire this blubbering buffoon of a man with a potbelly and an untouched cock. Some people theorize that Coros utilizes advanced hypnotic methods to send countless women and girls to get naked in seconds. Others think that he paid them via PayPal. All we know is that Coros is butt-ugly AND more than capable of getting people to wear nothing but birthday suits.
Coros is also a sick-fuck. He once shoved a KNIFE down his piss hole. This makes Yellow cross his legs even as he writes this part of the article. To make things worse he has also shoved screwdrivers and pencils down his pee shaft as well. FUCK! MENTAL IMAGES! GAH!


Nothing in the world can describe the manifestation of fail and AIDS which is Gore Whore's brother. The target of ridicule, pity and hate, Buddy's main purpose is to get laughed and get abused by everyone else in the room. His nasal voice can drive the most calm individual to snap, go apeshit and stab people at random. His habits include forcibly listening to his sister masturbate, buttering his own asshole with his fingers, and whining outside the locked door of Gore's computer room. The very mention of his name drives the most seasoned regular to contort their face and grimace in utter and sheer disgust. He is known to be a virgin and is a self-admitted furry. The most legendary fail ever to occur from Buddy was when he tried to freeze vodka through ordinary means.


Known as Donna. Her nickname (Party Van Chan) came due to her arriving shortly after the arrest of Fapster and startling the rest of the /pp/ chatroom in Stickam due to the defined features of her face, despite her self-acclaimed age. PVC possesses a dangerous sexual drive that has been described as nymphomania. In an effort to drive back the initial fear and tension during her early days, PVC spent countless days and weeks in front of her cam absolutely topless (or naked). The horde at /b/ immediately went apeshit at the sight of her disgusting flatchest and have boosted her to levels of unseen notoriety, much to the disgust of /pp/. When her vagoo snapped back to reality, PVC's new year resolution was to show as little nudity as possible, much to the relief of the rest of the regulars. She had a brief affair with Pen that resulted in bitter consequences.
In a recent brilliant display of drama, Ifo and PVC showed up one evening and started cuddling. Justin was ecstatic, Donna was not. This resulted in incredible amounts of LULZ from the rest of the room due to the lack of interest in her expression. Ifo had no idea he caught gonorrea when he slept with her that evening. She probably didn't even notice his efforts at all. PVC then resumed back to her life (which, like everyone else, was in front of the computer).
She had a pet chick who suddenly died one afternoon under mysterious circumstances. It is believed that the it was murdered by FL-chan with a vat of hot oil. At current no evidence has been provided to support this theory. PVC has pierced nipples (not that anybody would notice).


This is a mole. It died of lung cancer.
Known as Sharay or simply "Ray" she is the closet dyke of /pp/. Ray joined /pp/ not knowing of /b/ and in retrospect, she probably shouldn't have found out about it. Ray spends her time masturbating to necrophiliac porn and taking pictures of dead rodents. Ray is creepy. Yellow has declared he will deflower young Sharay at some point, but with most things Yellow says it's not to be believed as he's a filthy commie chink.


Known as Chris. Vagisil is the only piece of jailbait that is unattractive and actually annoying enough to drive away the most experienced /b/tard from her presence. Constantly pestering everyone about random matters, issues and events that make no sense whatsoever Vagisil tends to--HAI GUYS, WTF R U DOING?


Edmann is actually responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre.
The official ninja of /pp/ chat, Edmann's days are spent in notable silence and wait. It is unknown why he dislikes rice but what is known is that, being Asian, such a distaste is very dishonorable. Part of the reason for his unbroken silence comes from his tendency to lurk in an average 30 chatrooms whenever he is online, leaving question as to how unspeakably fast his CPU actually is and since Asians, for their part, constantly upgrade their RAMs, part of Edmann's honor has been recovered slightly. Time for flied lice, Eddy.


The resident old fart of /pp/. It is estimated Bukka is >9000 years old. A senile old fart, Bukka wandered in one evening and due to his Alzheimer's thought the youngin's of /pp/ were in fact his long lost grandchildren. Bukka is constantly the butt of old man jokes and various other forms of abuse, all of which he takes lightly. He is an actor but as of yet has played nothing of any real significance apart from the role of Gartrina, /pp/ eldest drag queen (Pen being the youngest). Bukka also claims to be a combat veteran and, judging by the knowledge and proof shared with Gumb and himself, it seems that way as well. He is a heavy drinker due to the constant scarring memories of war that lingers inside his mind --unlike Gumb who gets a kick out of the fact that he blew a few sand-niggers to death with his assault rifle. At times he has contributed to the raids, albeit causing more shock factor due to his elderly appearance. Bukka is the living evidence that not every elderly person is made of fail, broccoli scented skin and white pubic hair.
Side Note
Bukka really dislikes being called a Pedophile. It should be noted that this somehow contrasts the secret motives which he---- GAH! LET GO OF MY THROAT!


Known as Dann. Pen is the resident artist and semi-stereotypical emo kid. His facial features are remarkably smooth and his lips are very beautiful, enough to drive most heterosexuals to write love letters to his person. Pen spends a large part of his time creating masterpieces using MS Paint, drawing touching homages to the nazi regime and randomly blasting scat porn throughout the course of the evening. He is supposedly very good at cunnilingus --being the only person that PVC has admitted being able to make her cum through the technique. Due to this confession, Pen supposedly has oral herpes. It is a known fact that he is a very passionate individual in everything that he does.
Pen's major contribution to the room includes having participated in a large number of raids that have caused devastating results in their wake. He was also the person responsible for discovering Colinberry. Pen was also responsible for harassing a 7/11 store late one evening inquiring about lubrication for penetrating young boys.


No, he didn't sign up to defend his country...
The world's greatest buffet of manliness, Gumb is a hardcore 100% American (though he is of Russian ehtnicity). As bent as the sickle and hard as the hammer, Gumb's voice is an echoing reflection of American glory that nobody can deny. He was a veteran in Iraq, which holds alot of respect from everyone else (unless they use it as an excuse to get at him). Gumb is known to devour countless amounts of semi-cooked bacon and take pictures of the legendary American steak.
Bravely defending Amerikkka, Gumb has a raging hard-on for hating on everyone else. This causes Yellow to intentionally pick fights with him just for the thrill of it (In which Gumb simply starts making jokes regarding gooks and napalm). As much as people seem concerned about his post-war life, Gumb has a tendency to fake combat-stress and trauma in front of sympathetic people just for kicks. Gumb returned briefly to Iraq before he was shipped back after a sand-nigger set off an explosive that damaged areas near his spinal disks and back, therefore Gumb is officially considered to be a cripple --who would still kick your ass in a fist fight. This is made of awesome and Leonidas.

Brief and Hardly Present Individuals


Nothing can be said about Mandy which hasn't already been said prior to jabbing ones eyes out with a blunt instrument. A few things are for known certain though, she is 'hella smard' and has her own gravitational pull. Mandy is a young Mexican girl whose family illegally fled to California and, like every other girl from California, has an annoying voice and a low IQ. Mandy has proven that when given the opportunity, fat chicks can dance the hell out of dancing. Most remember Mandy for her inability to spell correctly and a particularly infamous video that no one is ever to mention again (.....oops), although everyone can tell that, indeed, thats not ketchup. Mandy can be found in the definition of retardation, mammals and stupidity.
Mandy is actually Fiona in ogre form, made famous by the movie Shrek.


Known as Justin. Ifo is what happens when you drop a baby on its head and leave it there for a day, shitting and pissing all over itself, unloved, before cleaning it and picking it up again. Abused as a child, Ifo is a flamboyant gay (the word faggot does little justice concerning him). Nobody knows why he is so bitter although everyone thinks that he is still a virgin. This is proved by a recent display of passion where he attempted to cuddle PVC and smiled like a little boy who has never had a girl sit on his lap. Ifo is known for finding out where people live, sending their unnecessary information on the internet, and sitting back to watch the mayhem. The reason for this abusive behavior probably came from the time where he wasn't invited to people's birthday parties. Ifo is a bitter, lonely man.
Recently IFO has renounced /pp/ as he discovered the contents of this article were true. In a mad fit of tears and screaming, amidst shots of "Donna! Donna!", Ifo departed from the board and chat. Eventually he will die from the innumerable STD's which PVC notoriously carries. He will not be missed.


Heather loves clowns.
Captain America's e-bitch, whom he defends like a nigger possessing the last watermelon on earth. Despite the various attempts to hide her thick appearance, Heather has yet to succeed --although countless horny male individuals have fallen to her Myspace angles. A piece of underage jailbait, Heather's days were spent talking on her cellphone on cam (which is considered to be attention whoring fail) and spinning on her sit'n'spin that is seen in her background (considered to be partial win). She is known to be deathly scared of clowns.
A rather notable example of drama had Captain America violently attempting to verbally smack down Yellow, firing over 9000 words in a style similar to Eminem, before being driving away by a fake picture of Heather's noods. Seconds later, Heather appears, crying, due to the fact that Captain America went crying and complaining into her arms. This was considered to be large amount of drama fail as Pluto proceeded to ban Yellow briefly, due to the fact that he is a big friendly fatty.
Unknown to this day, Anonymous posted a thread on the /b/ section of CHAN SLUTS with nudes of heather. As the tension built, everyone was disappointed that her tits (due to the large areolae) were saggy and fail. Nonetheless all was at peace again from the sudden revelation of her tits. Heather has since departed /pp/ chat to whore amongst the masses of Stickam. Heather also has the unsatiable tendency to become instantly infatuated with just about any male who enters her room, often claiming she will leave Captain America for current e-crush.


LiekCake was Fapster's clone and lackey butt boy, a great advocate of camwhore rights and an all around pleasant fellow. LiekCake is currently MIA and presumed dead. If you have any information as to his current whereabouts, don't bother telling us.

Young C.J.

Dylan's offline buddy was also the primary focus of trolling during his initial days within /pp/ chat. Due to the fact that CJ is a self-admitted 'thuggalo' (a cross-bred Juggalo and thug) and a part of the 420 culture, he has often been the focus of ridicule prior of to chr0me's arrival. Several pictures on his profile page have shown him in a stoned expression with the words 'HELP ME' written on his forehead. A particular series of photos was shopped to niggerdize him into firing layzers. CJ has also been the victim of Coros' trap persona, with which he got poor CJ to fap on cam in Pluto's very own room while innocent Dylan slept soundling not 3 feet from him.


Careful, magic is strong in this one.
Regarded as the creepy gypsy lady and as Tarot Card girl, Kiwi is a pretty young lass with a tendency for mysticism and frightening prophecies regarding the future. Kiwi has an online boyfriend and a fantastic pair of milk jugs. Despite the many attempts to get her to show tits or vagoo, Kiwi's satanic magic prevents her from being able to deliver the goods. This is considered to be epic amounts of fail. If she happens to be in a good enough mood, Kiwi will do live on-cam tarot card readings to answer any questions the denizens of /pp/ may ask her. She stayed briefly enough to give Gumb a Saving Private Ryan moment, which she sent risque pictures to him before he shipped off for Iraq. This sudden amount of win eventually caused Gumb to become a cripple. Nice going, Kiwi.


Eric is notorious for the sudden barbaric yell of 'HOOOOOOOORSE DIIIIIIIICK' in a chatroom. A former reoccuring guest on 'Late Night with Fapster', Eric has since wandered off into the depths of the internet, rarely showing up in /pp/.


Until recently, Bee, known otherwise as a dark-skinned pimp, fell off the face of the earth. Goodnight, Sweet Prince, you never really contributed anyways.


While he claims to be a very rich individual, Jewbie is actually one of those secret non-Jewish people who pretends to be a kyke. It is a known fact that he tends to sit around in a T-Shirt that has the bold words 'Israel' and the star symbol. Jewbie is also very unattractive and is very, very fat. He has on multiple occasions attempted to become an e-pimp (to no success whatsoever) and the secret to the little amount of tits he recieves comes from cheap PayPal donations. Also faps into plastic bags on cam.
The most legendary case of fail ever to seen from Jewbie was when he attempted to impress Kandie with his blubbering feats of Jew-jitsu, performing high kicks that resembled a fat man tumbling off a tree. A reoccuring gag comes from a special remix of Mortal Kombat and mixing it with images of his flopping about.


AZN-guy has been known to show up every now and then, provoking random levels of win due to his AZN-ness. It is a known fact that Yellow and AZN share a mutual admiration for each other (probably due to infesting levels of GAY-DIATION). He can still be found during random raid events hosted by Ebaum's.

Josh (Aryan-Kun)

Hitler would be proud of his son.
Hitler would've nominated this man to be a commander of the SS Waffen Soldat. Josh is a known Nazi, often showing up in a German commander's cap and with visible Nazi banners hanging in the background. While he does not fanatically hate every minority on /pp/, he makes no mention of whether or not he accepts them either. Josh's looks are remarkably similar to the perfect Aryan image that Hitler once imagined. See for yourself.


Once a quiet relatively normal member of /pp/, Shuck took a turn for the worse when he disappeared and reappeared shortly afterwards with a FUCKING GIANT WHALE WOMAN THE SIZE OF FRANCE. Raptor Christ, the immediate storm of hatred and panic that gripped every member during the terrifying spectacle is beyond description.
What is known is that Shuck proceeded to stick his member into her hallway vagina ON CAM despite the many protests everyone expressed. Unfortunately Shuck valiantly tries to justify his fat-fucking ways by expressing how everyone would do the same thing if they got the chance. Amongst the astrocities caused by Shuck and his whale include the following - fucking on cam, a disgusting display of touchy-feely moments, eye-gouging images of said whale trying to lapdance on Shuck without crushing him, and faggotry.
Everyone had enough. In a quick yet merciless revenge attack, the members of /pp/ proceeded to record one such spectacle and forward the file to EVERY member of Shuck's girlfriend's Myspace. They broke up not long afterwards.


This was taken from his own personal photos, I did not make it.
He's a faggot.
Tsun appeared out of nowhere, attempting to fit in with /pp/ just by becoming a groupie of Dann's, he assumed it would be easy. He was wrong. He is taken in by the other members of /pp/ with a bit of hesitance and some of the members attack him due to the fact that he's new and acts as if he's a veteran from time to time. Secretly, he's accepted, though. Similar to how Buddy is accepted by the masses.

History of R-AIDS

The aftermath of a /pp/ raid.
Make no mistake, the members of /pp/ have an unsatiable tendency to go about and ruin everyone else's fun. Stickam is a cesspool for attention whores and fail. Here at /pp/ everyone does their best in ruining the lives of everybody else --usually just for the sake of it. People are expendable anyways.

Simple and Clean - Skype Edition

Did you know?
Skype 2006 came with an offer that allowed people to call FREE US-Canada calls for a year.
What Happened
A joint collaboration with Fapster led to an all-out crusade involving Skype which caused a brief plague of sleep destroying wakeup calls in which random numbers are dialed through Skype, answered and are met with a loud blast of Utada Hikaru's "Simple and Clean" (known more commonly as the Kingdom Hearts ending song).
Countless of innocent middle-classed men and women were met with calls that have ranged from crack deals gone bad to cheating spouses to domestic abuse to frantic pleas for help regarding Metal Gear (followed by the titular theme of "Sons of the Patriots").
What came after was a series of unforgetable pranks. In an epic terrific display of online-offline vengeance, a particular individual was woken up four times every evening. Anyone tied to the denizens of /pp/ were met with calls regarding the fates of their beloved friends and relatives. Someone's brother nearly shit themselves upon hearing a call from the department of defense regarding their underage girlfriend. A gay phonesex hotline was nearly put out of business. 7/11 had enough calls for them to put a sign that would eventually read "We do not sell lubrication for young boys." By the end of the crusade, dozens if not hundreds of innocent people had their lives violently interrupted by Utada.
The Result
Whenever the song 'Simple and Clean' is played, the denizens of /pp/ immediately recognize it.

The Manhole

What happened
Discovered one night by Gore (who claims responsibility over the matter) when trying to find interesting numbers for the LNWF crew to call up, the Manhole is a gay phone sex party line where closet homosexuals and the occasional retarded black woman go to pleasure themselves to the sounds of men eating cheese nips.
Many members of /pp/ started calling on a regular basis to fuck with the poor misguided homosexuals (and the occasional retarded black woman), most notably Gumb, who on many occasions will get drunk and call it, we think this is because he is secretly a homosexual himself and this is his only outlet.
Several memorable calls include leaving bulletins about being hard gay, exchanging phone numbers between two homosexuals, Yellow ruining someone's heart (and causing them to nervously stammer N-N-N-Nipple?), and of course blasting Utada and Dragonforce between answered calls.

MySpace Invasion 2007

What happened
Pen and Raoul both somehow managed to hack into a poor innocent girl's MySpace account during the beginning of May 2007 and proceeded to fill her pages with pics of sodomy and snuff. As the onslaught carried on for several days, the account was flooded with concerned messages from her 'friends' with threats and warnings. These were met with return messages with promises of sex and pictures of more hardcore man-sex.
The Result
Even as this article is being written, the poor girl's Myspace is being flooded by a chain of messages amidst a red and yellow spectacle of blood, sex and lies.
The Images (NSFW)

[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

Were-Rabbit Yiff Spree

What happened
Terrifying to behold, a rabbit (supposedly Pen himself) shows up jerking off at random. Non-Furry people are taken back in sheer terror, losing 1D100 sanity points upon this dreadful encounter. At least one girl broke down in tears.
The Result
You don't want to know.
The Images (NSFW)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Lemon Party 2007

What happened
Yellow goes to /f/. Yellow mistakes a flash file called 'Lolibath' to be something based off the title. Yellow gets shocked by what is really on that file. Yellow, sick fuck that he is, saves the file. YELLOW SHARES HIS LOVE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD!
The Result
Oddly enough, not many people were taken back by the sight of gay old men having a delightful time. Those who did, however, were thrown back in horror.
The Images (NSFW)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Future Raids

Operation Air Pollution 2007


Nothing will destroy a black man's roots.
  • Pluto, at his prime, can spin up to 30,000 rotations within 1.2 seconds at around 18 clicks with windspeeds of 78 km/h. That is the same force as an airplane propeller at a 100M nosedive.
  • Gumb nearly took off his own head playing with his M9 on cam. He had the safety off.
  • It is believed that Shuck's ex-girlfriend (who had a gaping vagina the size of a hallway) is actually a succubus in disguise.
  • In an epic display of black power, FL-Chan devoured chicken and watermelon on cam to put the myth of nigger diets away permanently.
  • FL-Chan's fleshlight has a name. Its name is Rebecca.
  • On his 18th birthday, Pluto fucked a plastic sheep on cam as a testament against God for all time.

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