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A series of wildly popular doujin video games created by Japanese one-man developer ZUN. The Touhou games (more than a dozen) are a type of game known as a 'curtain-fire shooter', a shoot-em-up style game in which, rather than simply blasting everything in sight, the player is forced to maneuver their character through ridiculous amounts of enemy projectiles in what amounts to elaborate, flashy mazes, while positioning themselves to attack the enemy(s). The games are known for their fiendishly high difficulty level and for their massive cast of cute girls as characters (there is one male character but he rarely appears).

Largely exiled from /v/ and /a/because of Touhou's obviously anime bent and 'annoying' image floods, most of 4chan's Touhou fans now reside on /jp/. Interest in Touhou exploded after two fan-made Flash movies featuring music and animation by the Japanese group IOSYS were posted to 4chan, and Touhou image floods break out on /a/ almost every day (the series is popular on /u/ and /d/ as well). The Engrish phrases found in the Flashes ("DAWN TO DAWN TO DAWN, CHECK IT GEE, UGH UGH UGH, EINS ZWEI GUTEN MORGEN, OVERDRIVE-O-O-OVERDRIVE" and the famous "WHY WHY WHY DON'T I MISS YOU A LOT, FOREVER?") are often spammed as replies. Other threads which seem to be dead-ending or headed in a DO NOT WANT direction often receive a "Touhou hijack", in which someone posts an oekaki picture of the witch girl Marisa (one of Touhou's heroines) yelling "TOUHOU HIJACK, LOL", followed by Touhou picture spamming until the thread maxes outDoesn't happen after the /a/ /jp/ breakup. Like most other popular 4chan phenomena, Touhou is starting to experience a negative backlash. In part this is due to the namefag YOUR LOCAL CHINK, probably several users in actuality, who spams Touhou even where it's not wanted. He and other Touhou fans often express arrogance about their right to spam Touhou whenever and wherever. This has led to cries for banning Touhou from /a/, but so far nothing has come from it so Moot made /jp/, touhou's new home.

Further backlash was produced on /v/ when 3 MILLION GET was a Touhou picture. /a/ was accused of stealing the GET, with many /v/ posters having forgotten that Touhou is a videogame.

Touhou Hijack!

Early in the afternoon of May 31, 2007, somebody used a spambot to constantly post a small Touhou image with the text "Board Hijack!" to /a/, flooding the board and forcing all existing threads to be purged. Some posts of non-Touhou images with the same text were also seen, probably by other Anonymous who wanted to join in the fun. While the flood lasted less than half an hour, it was successful in wiping out all the threads on /a/. It's unclear whether the mods and janitors were simply caught off guard or just didn't care, but the flood was not deleted. Also unclear was whether the hijack was some sort of retaliation for a previous action on /a/, or just done for the lulz.

On July 29, 2007, Marisa Kirisame of Touhou achieved 500k GET on /g/. Numerous /v/irgins abruptly reversed their stance and attempted to credit /v/ with stealing the GET. The mods were not amused and deleted the thread shortly afterwards.

Say it loud, say it proud.

Minor /a/ meme focusing on Cirno, an ice fairy from the Touhou series of shooting games, who is known to be a complete idiot, as far as super-powered magic fairies go. Her stupidity is so notorious that in the manual for one of the Touhou games, the game's creator, ZUN, labeled her as "⑨: Idiot" in a gameplay-explanation screenshot. Became a wildly popular synonym for her name in Japanese fan circles; spread to /a/ after someone posted a piece of artwork showing Cirno drawn in a manner resembling 1940s American cartoons, pointing her fingers in opposite directions and a moronic smile on her face, with "⑨" in her speech balloon. Has naturally been photoshopped; one involved an animated .gif of four Cirnos spinning around a central ⑨; the other has the ⑨ replaced with (what else?) "PENIS."


Refers to Reimu Hakurei. Due to the way she's dressed her armpits become exposed and are consequently a form of arousal as many /a/ssholes want to either lick them or put their penis in them.


Guess what time it is, kiddies?

Hijacking is where a one or a group of Anonymous consistently post off-topic images in an attempt to derail the discussion, either to save it from epic failure or to just be an annoyance. Began with Touhou during the first major influx of Tohou fandom from /v/ into /a/, where topics that weren't related to Touhou from the start would be interrupted by a crude faux MSPaint macro of Marisa Kirisame without arms and the text, "TOUHOU HIJACK LOL". Beginning with Lucky Star, parody MSPaint macros have appeared for many different series, and general hijacking has become a popular meme itself.

Robotech Guy

Obnoxious namefag who tries to derail threads trying to undermine ZUN's musical talent. There's a possibility that they are multiple trolls pretending to be the same person. if that is the case, the pattern they use is to mention Final Fantasy, Megaman, Castlevania, Star Fox, Zelda and Metroid in the same sentence.

Zombie Reimu

Comes from Reimu's official artwork in the tenth Touhou game, Mountain of Faith. The art quality was known to have declined since the past games. By Touhou 10, Reimu's skin started having a yellow-greenish tint giving her an appearance of an undead zombie.


The sole creator of the Touhou series. Considered awesome because he single-handedly creates the graphics, the music and the programming to his games all by himself. Unfortunately, he's not considered a good artist. Also known to have a fabulous fashion sense and be an avid fan of alcohol.


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