A manly but sensitive fox

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The origin of "a manly but sensitive fox"
Be sure to include a pic

Furry trolling copypasta that came about as a direct result of the /fur/ board being added to chansluts. The basis for it is rooted in LURKMORE Wiki history.


/fur/ was a board on chansluts. While most of the chan regulars were appalled, at least two awesome people saw this as an opportunity to troll a gathering composed almost exclusively of furfags. Rather than using tired old "Yiff in hell" macros whose days have passed, furfag trolling on chansluts should be done with a reference to movie night, or "a manly but sensitive fox," which was a line from Raichu's wiki entry (before Libertine shat on everything).


That's me in the pic. I've gone to anthrocon for the last 4 years and fully intend to go this year too. I make my own fursuits. I like to RP online, over phone, and yiff IRL. Anyone interested in hooking up, leave some contact info and I'll get to you ASAP.

I'm a manly but sensitive fox, therefore, I prefer to take a dominant position, lift your tail, and gently make sweet, sweet love to your booty hole. If this sounds like your kind of thing, let me know. If anyone wants to meet up at anthrocon, that could be interesting too. It's in Pittsburg this year.

Other notes

Pittsburg is the 2009 anthrocon location. This will eventually need updating.

Subtlety is key when trolling furfags