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  • Notable Pilots: None
  • Background: This Yoma mech is named after the servants of the Wind god in the Yoma religion. This is their mass-produced aerial unit. Out of the three mass produced units, this one is considered the most powerful. It also is the only MP Yoma unit to use handheld weapons.
  • Description: It looks like a humanoid version of a Asian Giant Hornet. It's hands have three claws capable of attaking and holding weapons. It's stinger can be detached and used as a weapon that attaches to one of the arms. It's gun is stored on it's back.
  • Attacks

Claw- The mech attacks with it's razor-sharp claws.

Incidenary Shot- The mech fires burning shots of plasma from it's gun.

Stinger Bayonet- The mech's stinger attaches to it's arm. It then stabs it's target several times with it.