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Gattai Shift: Titan Cross!

When facing the Deadzone Armada's dangerous Warbeasts or their armies of tanks, jets,and ships the Seigimen summon their Seigi Machines from Aries Base Robo into battle. When its not enough, the five vehicles unite and form the Super Robot, Justice Titan. Armed with a vast array of weapons, as well as a powerful sentient AI it is well equipped to deal with most threats.

The Justice Titan was first launched to defend the capital city of Silvera against the Deadzone Armada's assault led by the the Warbeast Tetra Falco. Justice Titan like all of the Seigimen's mecha are capable of space travel.

The Justice Titan continued fighting against various Deadzone Armada threats throughout the year. It participated in the final battle against Doctor Deadzone, and later in various adventures including fighting the Archfiend Kingdom and fighting alongside Predamax.

Seigi Jet - Seigi Red's machine, which is very maneuverable and armed with missiles. Forms the head and torso of the Justice Titan.

Seigi Heli - Seigi White's machine transports evacuees, supplies, and is an excellent ground support vehicle. Forms the arms of the Justice Titan.

Seigi Panzer - Seigi Green's vehicle is heavily armored, and armed with missile launchers as well as heavy cannons. Forms the midsection, and upper legs of Justice Titan.

Seigi Marine - Seigi Blue's vehicle is ideal for deep sea recon missions. Armed with Multiphasic Torpedoes. Forms the left foot of Justice Titan.

Seigi Digger - Seigi Pink's vehicle is a drill tank capable of high speeds above and underground. As a result of this, it serves multiple purposes. Forms the right foot of Justice Titan.


Height: 58 Meters

Weight: 5500 Tons

Armor: Classified

Power Source: Relicium

Maximum Power Output: Classified

Sure Hit! Blast Sword: Justice Slash!

The Justice Titan is armed with a vast array of weapons. It's internal mechanics also give it immense physical strength (but not as high compared to that of the Victory Spartan) in order to brawl with the various enemy robots and monster the Seigimen encounter.

Optical Justice - Standard Eye Beams.

Drill Kick - The Justice Titan swings a roundhouse kick, sinking and burrowing the drill onto the foot of the enemy.

Seigi Phalanx - The Missile Launchers on both the Seigi Jet and Seigi Panzer launch an all out strike against the enemy. They can switch between heat seeking and normal modes.

Thruster Fist - The Justice Titan launches out its fists in the tradition of the classic Super Robots, striking them fiercely.

Blast Sword - Reaching into it's dimensional pocket, Justice Titan unsheathes the Blast Sword. Sharpened by lasers and diamonds, the Blast Sword has multiple purposes and can cause serious damage to foes.

Seigi Wave - The "S" on Justice Titan's chest charges with the energy and unleashes a wave. This energy wave has multiple purposes and can be used to in Repulsor Mode to Repel an enemy, Sap Mode, to Drain Power, Sub-Zero Mode to Freeze an enemy or Incineration Mode to Destroy an enemy.

Blast Sword Justice Slash - The Blast Sword is charged with energy unleashing a pulse from the sword's tip causing the foe to be thrown back by the force. The enemy is then slashed by the powered sword.

Blast Sword Dimensional Slash - The Blast Sword is charged with energy that pours into the Justice Titan illuminating it with a glowing gold color. The Justice Titan unleashes a slash from its sword slicing through the enemy leaving a rift through the enemy. The Super Robot then leaps into the air executes a spinning somersault as it comes down and plows itself through the enemy eradicating them.

Justice Titan Art