Laika Sakamoto

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  • Mech: Oyujin
  • Age: 25
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Hair: Brown
  • Description: Laika is a smart individual, but her love for Tetsu can cloud her judgement. Her hair is about ear length. Her cyborg battle mode should have a water motif.
  • Background: Laika was one of Professor Shima's top lab assisants, along with Tetsu Narita. She was very helpful in the maintenance of the Oyujin, which she was also the regular pilot for. Before the incident with Itachi, she was thinking of a plan to mass produce the Oyujin for better underwater exploration. She regained her memories when Tetsu filled her in about what he overheard. After she escaped with Tetsu, she questions if taking revenge is really needed but still goes along with it. When the Yoma awaken, Laika vows that they will not harm Tetsu or the oceans as long as she is around.