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My Little Pony is a toy that was created and marketed to little girls back in the 80s and 90s.

Over the years, MLP was turned into various cartoons, many targeted to sell abominations of gentrified little horses to little girls. During the mid 2000s, Hasbro and its host company soon realized that MLP was losing steam, as its content and outreach soon was realized to be extremely shallow and appeared to treat its fans like dumb toddlers.

The most recent cartoon that brought them out of that slump, Friendship Is Magic, eventually rescued Hasbro and hosts from failure. Debuting in October 2010, it was nevertheless made for young girls, but behind the scripts and story was the woman known as Lauren Ralph, and its style was to invoke a more pleasant reaction by being more anime inspired, giving the ponies a redesign with more "cuter" anatomy and huge animeesque eyes, far from the uncanny valley inducing designs of past installments. This installment soon saw story elements that were very much nonexistent in previous installments and were originally left to the imaginations of the young girls, such as adventure, tales of quests and intrigue, emotionally invested relations, etc. and soon, saw these elements, because no one likes being treated like a fucking idiot, especially in animation. Don't believe the hype though, because it's not more "mature" as anyone says it to be; it's still like serial sitcom like adventures for Saturday morning, which is the truth and the signifier for anyone who is a fan that you can trust.

This series was still created for, and marketed to, little girls, but has acquired a disgustingly large adult fanbase. Though fans exist that enjoy the show for its qualities above, pretty much saying "FUCK YOU" to condescending tripe and stereotypes that exist even to this day on medium of animation in the United States, there will nevertheless, be those that take it too far and creep anyone else the fuck out. These are known as Bronies.

Bronies are those that watch the MLP cartoons to obsession, highly likely collect the toys, and are constantly trying to push their demented fetish on to others through both acting like an early 2000's weeaboo that cannot shut up about the greatness of anime, and to the shitposting of pictures of their ponies on places like 4chan.

Let us be honest with you that, yes, there are even conventions, dedicated to MLP, for all bronies to go and enjoy themselves at; if not, they have usually invaded anime conventions, to the displeasure of those by acting in shithead douchebaggotry over their own preferences. In another turn of honest fact, past research showed that quite a few "hardcore geeks and nerds" showed a hidden admiration for My Little Pony well before FIM, so it's no surprise to anyone that knew this prior.

Due to the huge amount of Pony shitposting on every board, a My Little Pony imageboard was added to 4chan.

As of May 10th, 2014, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has ended its run, for the sanity and health of anyone at the mercy of neverending brony hype and parading faggotry. The fervent crowds of brony fan wankers have died down, and it's likely that another MLP will come to make or break the brony crowd.


Ponyfag is the term used to identify the Brony pedophiles who masturbate to My Little Pony and take it way too far.

Ponyfags, as they are called, are possibly worse than furries, in that the product is actually made for seven year old girls to consume, unlike furry media which is most often produced by the furry itself. Furries are explicitly doing it for sexual pleasure, and aren't perverting some little girl's cartoon for it, while Ponyfags are masturbating to the thought of having sex with a little girl's pony toy. The worst of them come to light when they are "HARDCORE M RATED GAME PLAYIN' NERDS", then praise MLP because they act in elite dickfacedom by saying "every other form of animation has fallen to the greatness that is MLP".

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