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  • Notable Pilots: Mure Nola
  • Background: This Yoma mech is named after the servants of the God of earth and metal in the Yoma religion. This is their main ground unit. It's raw power makes it stronger than a Areios, and on par with the Auge and Phengos. A Pacha was also the first Yoma mech discovered by the Fire Legion.
  • Description: This mech looks like a giant humanoid tiger beetle. It's arms end in claws for close range combat. It can shoot lasers from it's eyes. It's oversized mandibles are it's primary weapons.
  • Attacks

Compound Laser- Lasers shot from the eyes.

Claw- A close range attack with razor sharp claws.

Tiger Mandible- The Yoma mech bashes and then crushes the target with it's mandibles.