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"Heh, sorry, man, but w/e. I don't go looking, and I don't pick up trash from the gutter. I don't even try to get with girls, man, they're just attracted to me. I don't mean to sound cliche, but it's kind of a curse. I really snare more poon than I know what to do with.
I've even hooked up with a couple girls from this site, though I'm sure you'll just repeat that "No girls on the Internets" crap again, which is okay with me, cuz that just sends them all right on over to me, heh."

Created on 4chan around 2005 after a picture of 10 Jap girls holding pictures was posted in /b/. The pictures they were holding were shopped to contain pictures of diseased vaginas. After a few comments by Anonymous a person dubbed "Poonmaster" posted that the vaginas in the pictures are "healthy" and the rest of 4chan hasn't seen a real vagina to know this. Classic quotes like the one above made him into a meme for a few days. No one thought about him again after that.

The original thread was archived at LURKMORE[1]. The entire thread lasted approx 2h45m with an unknown amount of unique posters. There were also a large amount of pictures made in honour of Poonmaster posted afterwards in a handful of threads.


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