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  • Pilots: P-01, P-02, P-03, P-04
  • Background: This Yoma mech is named after the guardian of the creator god in the Yoma Religion. There are 4 of these and their power is on par with each of the Yoma General mechs. These are not piloted by Yoma soldiers and instead utilize a mass producution variant of the AI used in Chasa and Chau. There job is to protect the Yoma leader at any cost, even to destruction.
  • Description: Not based on a insect, this mech has a odd design. It has a main body with a circular top with symbols on it. It's body has four segments and the last one has a pincer at the end of it. The circular top has four red wing-like protrusions that act as it's weapons and means of flight.
  • Attacks

Symbol Shot- The mech fires a beam of energy from it's symbols.

Pincer Claw- Quil uses it's pincer in close range.

Tornado- Quil spins around, creating a tornado. The target caught inside is then slashed repeatedly by Quil's wings. It finishes with a pincer throw into the ground.

Guardian Sacrifice- The Quil's AI system starts a death chant and speeds toward the target. As it hits the enemy, it spins and the symbols start to glow red. The mech then explodes, possibly taking out the target.