Reina Gustav

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  • Name: Reina Gustav
  • Age:15-18
  • Gender: Female


Reina is the bossy and cold type who opens up to those that are really close to her (such as her family) but later on in the series she opens up to Shota and (pilot 3) as well as some of the crew members onboard Kakumei. She and her robot are the most similar couple out of all three since they both share the same feminine mind. Reina is always telling Shota to be careful and acts as the 'Big Sister' to him.

During the Comet fall of March 16, 2112A.D., Reina is with her father climbing the Alps. One of the comets crashes near Reina's location causing her to fall and land near the Comet Egg. A mound of snow breaks Reina's fall but she wakes up to discover...