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SEO (Search Engine Optimization,she's website promotion,she'sprogresssite) - a euphemism for cheating up positions in search engines due to the imperfections of their algorithms, and other garbage.

Background Information

Cheat by artificially increasing the formal characteristics of the pages on which search engines build procedures for the issuance of search results. Formal signs may be relevant (matching the search query, the estimated number of matches among your keywords in the query and the text of the page), popularity (also formally evaluated - the number of links per page, number of visits to pages controversial, dragged here) date of last update, the frequency of updates, unique content, etc.

The original purpose - to make a specific site on a specific request to issue a search engine (yandex, google, rambler etc) was the first place. If it does not - then the second. If it does not - at least on the first page of issue one hundred points. And take it for more money to the owner of the site.

Currently, several SEO purposes increased, but the money motive - in the first place. For example:

  • Create a grid of sites that link to each other (the number of sites in the grid can Reach thousands), to fill the pizzhennym content and sell to them links (eg, Sapy) , and then immediately get in the ban because Yandex for 2 years following theextra corrupt links.
  • Create more than one site, fill pizzhennym content put there contextual advertising (, google adsense, begun) to cut and loot. Fuck, that no one goes there, but robots - click to advertise yourself through a proxy, then get a ban, because Adsense and Yandex cheat suppressed immediately.
  • Create a few Doorway sites, promote them, while not banned - they sell the traffic to affiliate programs or forcing users to the older age category for send sms horoscope.
  • Create ... to fill ... sell ...
  •  ?????
  • PROFIT!!

The most obvious harm from SEO-shnik (also known as SEOnisty) - saturation of the search results by shit that you do not need to, but you need them, and among whom a large struggling to dig out what you are actually looking for. In this regard SEO-shnik indistinguishable from spammers (one litter-mail, others - search engines), and the fate of merit related. Battle of the search engines © vs venerable SEOs ™ is the next battle of arms and armor.

If we assume that SEO is making noise in the desired signal the Internet and various search engines and directories that are trying to distinguish the desired signal and structuring (order), then we can assume SEOrastov force chaos and that tends to destroy order and structure in the information field of the world the network. This is no joke.