SIAM-1 Harpe

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  • Notable Pilots: None
  • Background: When Shima Industries was put under the TDF's control, they told Professor Shima to create a new Mobile Guardian against the Fire Legion. The result was the Harpe. It was based off the Kazejin, making it the first aerial Mobile Guardian. Due to problems with the intial design, the Harpe wasn't rolled out until the arrival of the Yoma. When Shima Industries was released after the Yoma were defeated, production of this mech continued at other plants.
  • Description: The mech looks like a more militarized version of the Kazejin. It does not have vents on it's shoulders or palms. It has vulcans in it's shoulders. It's head has a visor. The back houses the hover unit that makes the mech fly. It's beam saber is located in a recharge rack on the left arm. The cockpit is located in the chest.
  • Variants: None.
  • Attacks

Shoulder Vulcan- Used against weak and low armor targets.

Burst Rifle- A high powered rifle that shoots heavy rounds.

Beam Saber- A standard beam saber used for close combat.

Rocket Grenade- A rocket propelled grenade fired from the burst rifle.