SiG-34 Prester

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  • Notable Pilots: None
  • Background: The Prester is a jet fighter created by Ithaca during the wars of unification. It proved itself on the battlefield and stayed in the ranks of the Terran Defense Force. Even with the creation of the ArM-1 Harpe, the Prester will still stay in service since it can operate in space with little modification. It was also upgraded with beam wapons during the fight with the Yoma. Unlike the Elutron and Midas, the Fire Legion has a very limited number of Presters in their force.
  • Description: Coming Soon....
  • Variants: The SiG-34-S is the space variant. It replaces the missiles with beam weapons. The FLA-1 Ictus is the Fire Legion version with the older weapons set.
  • Attacks

Ballistic Missles- Used against ground and air targets.

Beam Gatling- Replaces the missles on the space variant.

Beam Cannon- Cannon used against large targets.

Positron Cannon- FLA-1 Ictus and older models only. Early beam weapon that loses power over long distances.