The Axis Twins

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  • Mech: FLM-3 Belua
  • Ages: Both 32
  • Eyes: Both Green
  • Hair: Both Bald
  • Description: Julian is more calm and reserved while Jules is more passionate about his work. Julian has a birthmark under his left eye, while Jules has one under his right eye.
  • Background: The Axis Twins were born in a servant faimly to Yari Kishimoto's faimly. They were his bodyguards up until he joined the TDF. His faimly then ordered both of them to join the Fire Legion and serve them from then on. They were transfered to Itachi Gaidoku's unit after his attack on Professor Shima's ceremony. They do not delight in Itachi's behavior and would like to desert, but they do not want to dishonor their masters. They died in battle protecting Yari Kishimoto during the first wave of Yoma attacks.