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A tripcode is a hashed password used on anonymous imageboards for a person to show identity. A simple tripcode can be broken fairly easily and so secure tripcodes can be used by faggots who think it matters.

How to Tripcode

To use a tripcode you need to type, in the name field, your name (optional), the trip character (usually # but defaults to ! on Wakaba without modification), and your trip phrase. After submitting a post using (name)#faggot in the name field the post itself will show (name)!Ep8pui8Vw2.

  • (name)#faggot = (name)!Ep8pui8Vw2

Not that it matters

It just so happens that moot uses #faggot as his tripcode. This used to equal a ban on 4chan; it may or may not be so to this day.

How to Secure Tripcode

To secure tripcode you just need to add a second trip character and trip phrase. The secure tripcode will not be the same from site to site and may not be the same from board to board because it is based on the secret salt in the board config.

  • (name)#faggot#jew