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Virginity is the state of one regarding if whether one has engaged in the act of sexual intercourse. While in many cultures and societies see chasteness, or the state of being a virgin, as pure and innocent, American society, particularly those of the low brow and hedonistically materialistic, holds a peculiar stance on this.

American views on Viginity

Virginity in North American society is something of a double standard; on one hand, males (particularly white/caucasian cultured) are expected to lose their virginity as a sign of manhood, while females are expected to keep their chasteness. While somewhat fervent (as well as overtly zealous and social life inclined) christian american demographics see many value the act of sexual intercourse to be held until a male and female are married, they don't count; the demographic for this group is often hypocritical and without brains for the most part.

Particularly in the late 20th Century, adolescent sexual activity grew to be common, and despite much controversy, grew to be accepted. In light of this, adolescent fucking, despite few cases being the blossoming of actual affection for one another, has also gone south for most, and was in fact, practiced long ago in the 1950s by one's descendents and made some sort of fucked up nonsensical "don't ask don't tell" morally ambiguous social norm.

The fuck does this have to do with the internet

The denizens of the internet, particularly 4chan and any forum and comments section lurker/neckbeard, all coming from America and the western world (the UK) often share the frustration that they cannot succeed their virginity for this fucked up archaic and monkey/cave man shit norm, egotistically believing they must do this to be recognized as "a man" by their peers, their horribly uneducated and apathetic parents, and most of all, all of society, as if anyone who isn't an inane asshole will give a shit. Again, as said, no one, at all, truly gives a fuck, and this pathetically pandering attempt to appease a bunch of other laughably shithead losers will never change the fact that, amongst other factors, they need to grow the fuck up.