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WTFux is a community populated mostly with former members of other imageboards, especially those who were banned from 4chan's Random board. It is most well known for the Cams board and for having noticeably more tripfags than other boards. WTFux was notable for being one of a handful of popular English-language cat imageboards. The site was shut down in November 2005 by the company hosting the boards. WTFux reopened, only to be shut down again in March 2006 due to a legal dispute filed by webmasters Jeremy Bernal of and David Parenteau of concerning copyrighted images covered under the DMCA. It came back up the next day.

During the /b/ Exodus of August 2006, WTFux stood as a temporary home for wayward /b/tards until 7chan was formed to gather the anons.

In other words, WTFux was made up of rejects and was only used by some users through convenience. Everyone who has been on WTFux and left, due to how shit it is, agrees that even the people who go there every day don't like it; regular users only stick around because no one else will even slightly accept them. There is constant backstabbing and in-fighting, the people who can actually get real friends, not Internet friends exclusively, usually leave WTFux to go to /b/ or some other imageboard.

WTFux mysteriously shut down all of its boards except for its Cams board, which it left unlinked. The quality of the board may have actually increased due to the lack of pedophile spam seen in previous years. Eventually the site's index and contents were completely removed, leaving only some unlinked directories.

List of camwhores

  • Dash Billions
A male camwhore troll, and brother of Soviet Russia. Dash Billions is almost universally hated by the /b/tards, and has since been run off to WTFux after many bans.
  • Soviet Russia
Dash Billions' brother, and the usermod of /z/ who led to that board's demise. Like his brother, Soviet Russia is a much-hated troll who migrated to WTFux after being repeatedly banned. In early 2006 he made a brief return to 4chan, but one of the mods promptly banned him for "being Soviet Russia".