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  • Unit Name: Xyphr
  • Pilot:
  • Classification: Super Robot


Xyphr is one of the three super robots that crashed down to Earth during the 2112A.D. March 16th Lunar Eclipse, as the youngest of the three eggs, it caused the least damage to Earth's crater and was first discovered by Shota Kiriyama. At the same time Shota is forced into Xyphr's cockpit to fight one of the Creator's minions who was sent to dispose of Xyphr, the boy is taught to fight by the machine and thus they begin their story.

Fixed Armaments/Equipment

  • Beam Blade x2 -These are built in blades located in Xyphr's arms that are used for fast attacks and assaulting targets. They are powered by the atoms and particles in the air, which go through the M Stone generator located in Xyphr's arms to generate a medium length blade of beam.
  • Beam Saber x2 -Similar to the Beam Blade but a little longer in length, the Beam Sabers are stored in the power sockets located in Xyphr's shoulder parts near the core frame. The Beam Sabers are charged with stored energy that were generated by static particles in Earth's atmosphere, they are amplified using the M Stone's power and are able to emit a longer length beam from a detatched cylinder object. Beam Sabers are used for overall battle situations and are best for deflecting some of the monster's attacks as well as duels.
  • Beam Dagger x4 -Shorter than the Beam Blades, the Beam Daggers share the same cylinder shape as the Beam Sabers, two are stored in Xyphr's energy packs in it's legs respectively. The Beam Daggers share the same stored energy system that the Beam Sabers use. Beam Daggers are used for situational battles that involve throwing projectiles or alternate ranged warfare.
  • Beam Sword x2 -Located near the waist/core and located at the hip energy packs, the Beam Sword is Xyphr's longest melee weapon. The Beam Sword is a charged with a collection of some raw energy from the M Stone, and magnetic particles in the air. The detached object is a cross shaped cylinder that emits a thin yet broad blade of energy. The Beam Swords are used against larger enemies or strong shields.
  • Plasma Shell Core -Powered directly by the M-Stone, the Plasma Shell is Xyphr's defensive ability. The M-Stone generates a sphere of thin energy to block most beam attacks and acts as a wall to most of Mankind's projectiles.
  • Laser Blaster - Located in the lower/bottom portion of Xyphr's arms, the Laser Blaster is Xyphr's only built-in ranged weapon. The Laser blaster shoots out thin beams of concentrated charged particles. They are used for taking down far away smaller targets, distractions, and weakening enemies in battle.

M.O.E source

Xyphr runs on M.O.E. Magnetic Orbital Energy, which also holds it's joints and parts together by generating a tight gravitational lock to the core unit (cockpit)

The source of M.O.E. that Xyphr runs off of is generated from the M Stone in Xyphr's arms and cockpit, the M stone is a M.O.E. generator that was created by The Creator in an attempt to create a self-sustaining/powered robot, The Creator cast away what he believed wee 'defects' but he does not know of the M Stone's hidden latent powers.


Xyphr is a super robot with a mind, the core frame for the cockpit is designed to allow the pilot to act as one with the robot.