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Camwhores are people who post pictures of themselves on the internet using a webcam or some similar digital photographic device.

The Common Camwhore

Loathed and worshiped in equal measure on /b/, they leave flame wars and controversy in their wake. Good examples of /b/'s camwhores include Strifeheart, Era, Loli-chan, Cracky-chan and Fatty-tan.

Several moot stickied threads encouraging users to post pictures of themselves in /b/ may be partially responsible for the increased appearance of camwhores.

Most camwhores don't last long, primarily because the attention they get decreases as their novelty to the /b/tards wears off. Once they are no longer receiving the attention they seek, they will tend to disappear back into the ranks of Anonymous. Some camwhores have gained a small fanbase, however, such as Togi-chan.

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