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A boy named Mitchell committed suicide by shooting himself in the head because of issues in school, reasons for his suicide are unknown to even his family. A typical rumor is that he killed himself over an iPod, which was based off the MySpace tribute page to him in which a person comments about his iPod being stolen a day earlier than his death.

His family posted about him to MySpace under the account "ripmitchell" with the (un)intentionally hilarious (for the subject of the profile) song "Bad Day" playing on the page. Soon, a parody site with the name "mitchthezombie" appeared. The most often parodied part of the original MySpace account was a repeated grammatical error, "an hero".

Become An Hero

Synonymous with "kill yourself." Also sometimes used on the worksafe boards for someone who deliberately posts porn, which is considered both "suicidal" (due to the ban that usually follows), but truly heroic.

How to become An Hero

  1. Get your iPod stolen.
  2. Receev gun.
  3.  ???

Other Methods

  1. Making yourself taller
  2. Summoning your Persona