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Flute in A major?

The most polarizing lesbian in anime. One of the two female leads in the yuri anime Kannazuki no Miko, Chikane rapes her female best friend/long lost love Himeko with a flute in episode 8 of the anime. The fact that she receives no comeuppance for her deed, and is in fact quite easily forgiven by Himeko, stuck in the craw of several /u/ and /a/ posters and led to her demonization on the boards. She has just as many fanatical defenders (whether for her supposedly noble reason for committing the rape [to spare Himeko's life by making Himeko hate and kill her] or just out of general desperation to see a lesbian couple in anime), and any thread featuring pictures of her inevitably descends into a flame war arguing the morality of lesbian rape and double standards concerning rape committed by men vs. rape committed by women. Amusingly, Himeko's milksop personality and complicity in letting Chikane get away with it is typically neglected by those in the argument.

Chikane and Himeko's character designs were subsequently recycled by Kannazuki no Miko's creator, Kaishaku, for the recent manga and anime Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora, in which they are renamed Kaon and Himiko, respectively, and serve in the supporting cast as a (so far) pair of tragic villains. /u/ paid attention to the show for about three episodes, at which point everybody realized it was crap and quit watching it in spite of being beaten over the head with girl-girl kissing.

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