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/a/ - Anime & Manga 4chan imageboard.

/a/ is one of the oldest boards on 4chan. It was created early in 4chan's history to provide a "worksafe" and anime-specific alternative to /b/. While it is the second most active worksafe board, after /v/, it doesn't even come close to matching /b/'s volume of posts.

/a/ had something of a rivalry with /m/, which became quite open during the SaiGar competition, in which the smaller /m/ had a surprising amount of success. The rivalry had since slipped in to the background after the conclusion of SaiGar. With an extremely narrow /a/ victory, conflict between /m/orons and /a/ssholes could break out again at any time.

Due to being the biggest Japanese-oriented board /a/ was usually flooded with irrelevant topics. Ever since the creation of the new /jp/ (Japan & General, created some time near /a/day) board /a/ has generally been clean of those topics. Topics such as Touhou, Tsukihime and other visual novels, and general 3D PIG DISGUSTING shit have migrated to their new home at /jp/. Of course, /a/ has suffered the loss of being an otaku culture center that discussed anything remotely related to anime and manga. This resulted in a major slowdown, but the pace was picked up after several weeks. /jp/, after exhausting the 243rd "Learn Japanese" thread, has finally de-evolved into /touhou/. To this day the split's effects are debated among wee/a/boos. Nobody cares what they think, and life goes on.

404 Girl

IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!

Abuse hand



An abbreviation for "Anime Music Video". /a/ looks upon the vast majority of AMVs with disdain, as most of them are conceived by talentless underage b& who do little more than cut clips and stitch them onto their favourite music tracks(e.g. Linkin Park, see Rule 757). These will often be posted to YouTube and contain fansubs but won't contain any synchronization. There are a few slight exceptions to this hatred, however, such as the "AMV Hell" series, and a few of the top rated videos on a-m-v.org.

The Japanese counterpart to the AMV is a "MAD", which though appearing to be an acronym doesn't really stand for anything. Unlike AMVs, MADs are highly regarded by /a/ssholes for being both masterfully done, interesting and highly original, with some MADs consisting of nothing but self-made content. On the same token, some Japanese fans prefer AMVs over MAD shit because they're used to bad MADs and we're used to bad AMVs.

In reality, AMVs are a sub-genre of MADs: MAD refers to any fan-made video, which means a MAD doesn't have to contain any music or anime.

Animation Studios

Some of the most popular studios producing the most notorious and infectious series that they deserve their own page to describe how they are praised, hated, and belittling the wishes of the fans' cries for a remake or creation of un/deserved series.


Derogatory of "anime", or Japanese cartoons. Origin is usually believed to be from how people will needlessly argue about how 'anime' is pronounced (much like how some Pokemon fans might rage if someone pronounces it as Pokeyman).

Anonymous of (place)


A periodical for Anime News Network, and the poster title for the lead columnist. Considered the arch-nemesis of /a/ for his elitist views, and for his (supposed) involvement in having Kodomo no Jikan canceled. During those times, the columnist was Zac Bertschy, a complete hard-on fag who and several other columnists had ties with an "anti moe" site by the name of Colony Drop, all and all who could not tell if anything was cute, not pedo, and were intent on flooding the world with huge, white penises the size of whales and slandering what it means to be "manly" in the sake of taking over the anime industry and fandom, for reasons apparently related to egocentric needs and sexual favors, much like how Fox News has ties with Conservatives, Christian Identifyists, Stormfront, Hal Turner, and Rush Limbaugh. Continues to this day to be still much of a failure of a person and a complete weeaboo.

Are they still on Namek?

At any rate, an amazing penis.

This meme comes from Golgo13, a really old spy/action manga from the 1960's still in circulation. A few anons on /a/ had read Golgo13 and in the interim before the end of the Winter 2008 anime season and the start of Spring, many expected the new anime adaption to curie /a/'s favour much like Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann did the year before. However, much to /a/'s disappointment, the anime turned out to be very low quality and the main character, Golgo, was not the Gar Mass many thought he would be - to /a/'s horror, he was more like a Mary Sue. Many /a/ssholes promptly dumped the series for being boring/shitty, but die-hard manga fans were determined to pitch the show, so they posted manga scans in an effort to regain interest in the title. One of these scans featured a picture of Golgo with text-boxes highlighting some of his bodily features, like M.D. level medical knowledge, Olympic level musculatur and endurance, Oscar-winning theatrical skills, and many others (a prime feature of a typical Mary Sue). Hilariously, one of the boxes pointed between Golgo's legs, claiming that his sexual drive was irresistible to women the world over. The flavour text ended with the phrase, "At any rate, an amazing penis". Things just ran away from there.




Reference to Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha, when Nanoha's usual battle tactics is the standard shoujo heroine attempt to reason with enemies, with the added bonus that she also isn't adverse to make them submit through acts of massive destruction (gaining her the nickname White Devil). Most of Nanoha's later friends meet her in this way, so 'befriending' people into the dirt is a sort of trademark for her. Nanoha's tactics have endeared her to some on /a/, who consider her one of the sweetest examples of GARMOE ever.

In /a/, phrases like "you gonna get befriend'd" or "she'll befriend her" usually implies a sweet, adorable character (like Nanoha) is about to go apeshit all over someone. May also refer to lesbian sex, targeting Nanoha's pimp status among the mostly quasi-lesbian cast in fanwork.

Bible Black

A famous H-game and hentai anime series known for a wide variety of faptastic fetish content (dickgirls, occult rituals, group sex, drugging, enemas, guro, etc.) and a shockingly semi-decent storyline. Now used as the /a/ alternative to /v/'s Battletoads when someone begs for a source, replacing the now-defunct Robotech.

Boku no Pico

A hentai OVA featuring a shota trap named Pico, and also a stock-answer-to-request-of-source meme like the above Bible Black and /v/'s Battletoads. And sometimes it's used to form combinations with the other two, like Boku no Toads, Battle no Pico Black, Boku no Bible Battle, etc.


Card Crusher

Rude Professor.jpg

Card Crusher (A.K.A Rude Dude, ZoomJap, rude asian, rudeazn) is another editting fad on /a/, which also spread to other boards. Like the God Hand edit, it is very easy to replace the template with whatever anime or situation in Paint or similar. Started out from a YouTube video.[1] The original comic (in Japanese) featured Konata asking if Kagami wanted a chocolate cornet. In response to Kagami's insecurity, Konata crushes it in her hand (like the guy in the video crushing the business card) while making a hilarious face with some very flaring nostrils. /a/ has found this quite funny, and in return started to edit the panels to feature other anime like Kaiji (Andou crushing his stars) and Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann (various).[2]

Chikane Himemiya

Cowboy Bebop at his Computer


Short lived /a/ meme which migrated from /v/. Originated from a newspaper clipping about Cowboy Bebop, with the caption "Video Kid: Cowboy Bebop at his Computer".

Obviously Ed, the depicted character, is neither male nor called "Cowboy Bebop". The format for this meme is reasonably obvious: the name of the series is posted, and the gender of the possessive pronoun is reversed.


Dat ass


A forced meme that began to show up whenever a picture of (Gurren-Lagann's) Darry's tight sexy ass appeared. Since then it evolved into THE appropriate response to any female meat-cheeks. Usually accompanied by Rich Boy with his signature shades biting his lips in the direction of a tight pair of pants or jeans pressed against a round and smooth butt. That ass needs to be tapped.




Delicious Flat Chest. Some like to have cake on them.

Dirty Red

Nickname for Toko Aozaki from Kara no Kyokai and /a/'s version of Candlejack. Anybody who mentions Dirty Red will get killed by Aoza

Do Not Pursue Lu Bu

A reference to the video game series Dynasty Warriors, which was based off of the Classical Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Lu Bu is a warrior that's known to be near unstoppable and impossible to fight in the games which is where the line came from. In the context of /a/, however, it refers to depictions of him turned into a woman in such anime as Ryofuku-chan (where he is a loli), Musouhime and Ikki Tousen.


Not to be confused with Saber's sword from Fate/stay night, this weapon's legend began in the 12th century. He also requires you to memorize a list of 1000 do's and do not's. Do you know of his legend?



Four Chan Magazine



Ghost Slide


Comes from a horribly campy commerical for the anime convention, Sakuracon, where a group of weeaboos take over a sushi bar, and the crowning moment when a goth-looking kid references Gilgamesh (the J-Rock Band, not the King of Heroes) in the most weeaboo way possible.



Guitar Ninjas




Also known as "SUCK MY DIIIICK I'M AN EAGLE!!!" or CAPS HAWK, HAWKLE is the emotional scene mood breaker that appeared out of nowhere in chapter 403 of Naruto after when Sasuke cries. Because of his gapping stare, HAWKLE soon was the source of much lulz considering the irony and that Sasuke (almost on par with Rock Lee, the only redeeming characters in this shit) had SPOILER just lost/killed his brother in a long and big fight and found out that he cared for him all along and /a/ does not really care even though the majority still reads the manga.


Previously used to describe versions of characters with bigger breasts (especially Tama-nee of To Heart fame) it now frequently refers to versions of ordinarily petite skinny bishoujo characters characters drawn in a plumper style. Often used as a synonym for 'curvy', especially by /a/ssholes who find the look more realistic, pleasing, or just original. One early version of the meme includes Healthy Junk (fanart of an adult human and noticably curvy Sugintou, and similar Rozen characters). Recently grew in popularity with the release of the anime Real Drive (aka Meal Drive), which uses such designs to apparently mimic how many Japanese women actually look, but also seems deliberately populated as fanservice.

Hive Mind


Typical response from a moe-overload (cute moments, lolis, etc). Usually accompanied by a picture of people having a heart attack.

Homo Thread

Hot Glue

Slang for semen. First seen posted with pictures of figures covered in semen with Anon making an excuse claiming "It's just hot glue". Resulted in moot's disapproval of having a /fig/ board, instead making a hellish 3D board called /jp/ and the more action-figure-oriented /toy/ board.

I Am Boss

Do not argue with The Boss.

Comes from the anime Minami-ke. The phrase is seen on the T-shirt of the middle-sister; Kana; in the first episode of the series.

The phrase "I Am Boss" is probably an example of mild Engrish, and is the result of Japanese-speakers attempting to embellish a piece of clothing with a phrase in a foreign language for the sake of being stylish. Though probably an example of Engrish (as any English-speaker would make it "I Am The Boss"), attempts at English by people who only speak an Eastern language usually end with the phrase being far more mutilated than seen here.

To be fair, 'boss' can also be used as an adjective in addition to a noun, so she could be describing herself as having "boss" attributes rather than being "a boss" or "the boss".

"I Am Boss" has almost become a staple of /a/, almost coming close to Nice Boat. Many Anonymous on /a/ often affectionately refer to Kana as "mai bossu" (a derivative of the term "mai waifu"). Kana's title as "Boss" has also led her to be compared with other characters, such as Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid.

I'm the Sexiest

You should ask Yamcha that

A fanart image set based on DragonBall Z. The short set is a spoof on the final battle of the Namek arc, as there is no serious fighting and the characters are drawn in an impossibly gay style, somewhat similar to Yaranaika. The set is posted almost religiously on /a/, with threads always starting with the title page seen here. The title page has in turn been shopped to fit other characters, occasionally with new titles like "I'm the Negotiator" for Roger Smith from Big O and "I'm the Spiciest" for Hinamori Amu of Shugo Chara. Also source of the very minor meme "You should ask Yamcha that."


A compound between "imouto" (little sister) and "tits" (breasts). Arose from the typical generic harem anime Akane-iro no Somaku Soma (known for its all-star cast including Aya Hirano and Rie Kugimiya), where in a twist of events, the protagonist ended up with the superior little sister with huge seductive breasts. This imouto ending also brought about the reminiscence of other harem animu endings such as Da Capo (a similar imouto ending), Shuffle! (sempai ending), True Tears (childhood friend ending), Canvas 2 (cousin ending), and others, whether shitty or justified, they brewed shitstorms across almost the entire anime community.

It's all the same shit

Derisive comment towards fans of shounen anime (Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha, One Piece, etc) suggesting most of it is ultimately uninspired, derivate, and takes up discussion better suited to shows actually aimed at older age groups. The phrase comes from an image macro depicting Hollow-Bankai Ichigo with Inuyasha's hair, Luffy's hat, Naruto's jumpsuit. Ironically, Anonymous RAGE'd at the inclusion of Kamina's glasses from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, despite it also being shounen.

ITT Overrated Shit

ITT overrated shit

Joke threads where posters will sarcastically bash various anime/manga series, particularly those well-liked and rarely trolled by the majority of /a/ (such as Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Vinland Saga). Typical replies include "Gurren Lagann, not so good", "Aria, a show about nothing", and "Mushi-shit". Every thread will typically have an OP pic of Kenzo Tenma from Monster. Recently, newfags unable to pick up on the joke have either dismissed such threads as the work of trolls, or take the threads seriously and bash actual overrated shit such as Code Geass and ToraDora.

Jun Watarase


Every recent Sunrise series can be traced back to Jupiter, and even some older shows like 1997's GaoGaiGar. Jupiter and Jupiter-looking spheres also featured prominently in RahXephon, made by Sunrise spin-off Bones. The planet was again noticed by /a/ in Code Geass, where it was featured in a shot of the Sword of Akasha. This turned Jupiter into an euphemism for death as people who died would go to Jupiter, only to be hopefully revived (as Sunrise has a tendency to do so) later in the series with no explanation whatsoever. Jupiter was also featured in Gundam 00, when an exploring team found remnants of a Celestial Being base in orbit. The popularity of Jupiter spawned planet role-playing threads after any mention of the planet.

Just as Planned

Katawa Shoujo

Ks banner.jpg

Before the /a/-/jp/ split, in January 2007, there was a sudden spur of interest to create a 4chan-original visual novel based on a single page of drawings of crippled girls. Two years later, the demo arrived and quickly gained popularity as one of the most productive of few projects that /a/ has ever created. Five moe heroines can be chosen, ranging from the deaf, the blind, the armless, the legless, and the scarred. This quickly spouted out memes based on Advice Dog and popular writefag threads to continue to demo.[3]

Visit Katawa Shoujo for download and discussions.


The summer of 2009 offering from Kyoto Animation. Took over the board as usual, at least until Haruhi's second season arrived in the midst of the season...

Little brown girls are the best

Stock reply to pictures featuring young girls fitting the description, from an English translation of a lolicon manga featuring a world-travelling child molester. 4chan, versus its Japanese counterparts, tend to prefer the energetic tomboyish personality associated with this character type rather than the usual cutesy little sister, possibly because it is much rarer. It is unrelated to 4chan's Nigra memes, which are not intended to be meaningful. Oldfags may also relate it to AfricanAnime, an otherwise anonymous poster whose gimmick was to photoshop characters to different skin tones, dividing posters into ones who thought he was trolling and others who found the results attractive.


I can't wait for Code Geass!

The cute, DFC-equipped heroine of Soul Eater has become one of the only reasons to watch this generic shounen anime. Has an amateur but sexy voice actor behind her as well as tsundere-like acts, making her more beloved to become anon's waifu. Because of anon's lust of wanting to rape her/see her shit on a dead cat, a picture was created showing Maka looking up /a/ and looking at all the comments about her.

Mai Waifu

Mimicking of the Japanese pronunciation of the phrase "My Wife" ("Wife" is an English cognitive in Japanese, keeping it's pronunciation but adding a "u"). Originally uttered by Mr. Kimura in Azumanga Daioh. It is a common reply to a picture of any female character that the replier has feelings of attachment or endearment to. Came into practice as somewhat of a mockery of the way idiotic fangirls on places like deviantART make absurd, delusional claims of in fact being married to fictional anime characters (typically generic bishonen they find "smexy"). Users on 4chan, however, at least for the most part, despite being ronery are still in touch with reality, and do not use this term to imply a fictional character is indeed their wife. Instead, it’s more of a shorthand way of saying that they feel affection or admiration for a certain character, and that that character embodies traits they’d find attractive in a real woman. "Waifu Threads" are still common in boards such as /a/ and /c/.

Some variations of "mai waifu" include "mai husbandou", or even "mai bossu".


You want mangos? You can have mangos.

Derogatory of "manga", or Japanese comics. Even then, weeaboos are still pronounce it wrong.

Mod Memes


Generic term of disgust for various popular bishoujo characters who lack well-established characterizations or realistic personalities in favor of strange and ultimately immature incongruences, which /a/ssholes see as lame pandering to ronry otaku. Especially hated in otherwise normal shows where they can overtake the popularity of more interesting characters, and when fans themselves modify a 'normal' character to fit their creepy and bizzare view of them (Ayanami Rei being an infamous example). Was originally popularly applied to Mikuru of Haruhi fame in comparison to Haruhi, whose despite being a moe charaacter was exoverted and confident enough to even be popular with female fans.

Moon Language

Essentially, since almost all weeaboos are a bunch of NEETs and lazy fat people who don't have the effort to even learn the language of their hobby's origin, Japanese is as alien to them as America to the rest of the world. Thus, since Japan is both on the other side of the world and has a language that is opposite in many ways to English, it has been dubbed as "moonspeak", "moon language", or general "moon". As much as 4chan has historically tried to attract the Japanese crowd and even has a Nihongo page for them, /a/ and its faggotry denounces all Japanese keyboards who dare make their way on the board, much in the way Japanese boards do likewise.

Even though Japanese uses a pseudo-alphabetic system of writing, you cannot get by even several sentences without meeting all Japanese learners' worst nightmare, the kanji. Kanji are blocks of strokes borrowed from the Chinese a thousand or so a years ago and has since been incorporated into the Japanese language. Because of their complexity and sometimes appearing hordes at a time, /a/ has dubbed these characters as "moon runes". Also, moon runes can also be applied to the Chinese language in general, which is basically made up entirely of these runes.


/a/'s nickname for Nico Douga Douga or NicoVideo, a website like YouTube only most of the shit has been replaced with much more appealing uploads like anime episodes or MADs. The website was originally created so the gaijin who also use YouTube and comment on Japanese uploaded videos would go away; not surprisingly, the presence of many /a/ssholes upset many of the Japanese viewers. Unlike YouTube, the quality of compressed NicoVideo films isn't shit, so many Anonymous prefer to watch anything uploaded to YouTube there instead. Users who registered on the website early in 2007 are allowed unlimited access to videos, but those who registered later may have bandwidth restrictions during peak hours. NicoVideo first became a widely used tool by /a/ssholes during Summer 2007, where it was the first and only place to get Gurren-Lagann episode RAWs mere hours after the show aired on television. Later, it played a prominent role in spreading the Nice Boat meme, with many Anonymous spamming the unique shout-box feature, which allows phrases to marquee across the screen. NicoVideo also hosts non-anime related material, which introduced many Anonymous to their first taste of real Japanese culture. The name "MoonTube" is a combination of the word "moonspeak" (Japanese) and "YouTube".

Mr. moot, tear down this wall!

A light-hearted comment, taken from a well known Ronald Reagan speech, calling for a reunification of /a/ and /jp/. Usually appears whenever /jp/ content slips into /a/. Sometimes accompanied by the thread where Onizuka (GTO) breaks down said wall and Touhou starts invading.

Multi-Track Drifting


Narutu Sand Ninjas

Taken from a newsreport of a horribly lulztastic death. On March 8, 2008, Codey Porter, a 10 year-old boy in Everett, Washington stuck his head into his sandbox to prove to his friends he had power over sand just like Gaara from Naruto. He stuck his head under the sand so long that he stopped breathing and was shipped to the hospital. Though Anonymous lol'd hard at how the kid had incapacitated himself under only a foot of sand, the real lulz came on the night of March 10, when it was reported that he had died in a hospital. The news report stated he got the idea from Naruto, only mispronouncing it as "Narutu Sand Ninjas." To top it all off, the clips from the show they used as examples were taken from a Linkin Park AMV. Shoops of Codey as Gaara were made, Anonymous laughed in the face of the dead and distressed, and was made worthy a Darwin Awards nomination.

Nice Boat


Or better known as "Nightshift /a/". Oldfags often lament at the declining quality of /a/ as Newfag Summer continues to plague all of 4chan, but one day (or night rather) a very interesting discovery was made. If /a/ssholes resist the calls of sleep and continue to browse /a/ long into the morning hours, /a/'s quality improves exponentially. As if someone suddenly turned back the clock of time, the nightshift turns the /a/ of 2008 into the /a/ of 2005 - threads stay on longer, more people are Anonymous, average intelligence increases and civil discussion is possible. The theory for why /a/ is truly better at night is that newfags, most of which are underaged b& or college freshmen, are usually asleep during the morning hours. For Eurofags, nightshift /a/ is actually during their daytime, leading to views that most newfags are Britannians. Nightshift /a/ usually stars anywhere between 7:00 GMT and ends 13:00 GMT on weekdays except Friday, 9:00 GMT to 12:00 GMT on weekends except Sunday.


Opposite of what some clueless characters have to say, in Bleach, nobody can die due to the {re}cyclical nature of the manga's setting. Though most will go "what are you talking about?" to this phrase since all the villains (namely Hollows and Arrancars) are defeated, it's true that nobody ever dies in Bleach, especially the main characters who all suffer almost as much plot armor as Jesus Yamato can wear. The phrase is usually used to remind people reading the manga that main characters cannot die, and to spoil it for the newfags who make the mistake of watching it in the first place.

An explanation is given that when Shinigami kill Hollows via Zanpakto that the souls are stripped of their evil then reincarnated, though it doesn't specify whether they end up as living humans or just zip over to Soul Society. It mentions that when Quincys kill them (archer guys) that Hollow's souls are permanently killed and this is why Soul Society started killing the Quincys. This plot device is of course completely overlooked in Uryuu's later battles, especially during anime filler or movies where he executes hundreds upon thousands of weak hollows with huge arrow volleys.

Noodle People

Reference to CLAMP's character designs from works such as Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHolic, and most recently, Code Geass. Small heads on top of elongated and often FABULOUS bodies with matching elongated limbs. It is often the subject of much despising and overall faggotry, because, well, the character design does make males seem more homosexual than they already are.

Not Interesting Enough

Weekly Shounen Jump was made widely known as an outdated and shitty business model when several popular manga got cancelled in the summer of 2008. The readership must continuously mail postcards to indicate series' popularity, and that even when they can a series, it becomes their property, making the chances of a continuation almost non-existent. Case-in-point Mx0 and To-LOVE-Ru, two series which started almost at the same time but one got canned because of shitty readership tastes (yes, the children who love action and pages of white pillers [Naruto, Bleach] are also very perverted and don't like protagonists who don't have any special abilities... wait a second.....), giving us a reason why we should have invaded Japan 70 years ago. In a new series called Bakuman, a page featured a manga editor, who deemed the manga he was editting "not interesting enough" so they had to cut it out of serialization. The text bubble is usually editted to fit any (good) series that deserved better. To this day, many Anonymous still RAGE over the canning of some of the best ideas a few manga-ka have to offer because mainstream audiences are idiots. Now you know how Firefly fans feel.



These ridiculous lyrics come from the first opening of DARKER THAN BLACK, a series that tries damn hard to be cool. Other borderline Engrish quips include the mumbled, "GANG BANG SON OF A GUN" as well as, "JUST HOWLING IN THE SHADOWS". "NOW I'VE LOST IT" is something of a stimulus to /a/'s hivemind, triggering Anonymous to post the entire song as well as its many variations.



Reference to the ending theme song of "Umineko no Naku Koro ni". Highly associated with Kinzo Ushiromiya. His face is subjected to numerous (and hilarious) shoops.



Refers to the heroine of the anime Shakugan no Shana. Shana's badass personality and habit of yelling "Shut up, shut up, shut up!", along with a propensity of the animators to draw her in swimsuits, endeared her to fanboys on /a/, although the fact that she clearly fits into the loli category precludes the meme from spreading into /e/ or /h/. Also seen as OH GOD LOUISE IS HOT, referring to the female lead of Zero no Tsukaima, who is pretty much acknowleged to be Shana with a color-palette swap, the serial numbers filed off and a riding crop replacing the sword.

Oh ho, why not whore ourselves?


How can you not love that face?

Affectionate nickname for Nishizawa Ayumu of Hayate the Combat Butler. Every episode features her in at least one scene eating non-stop. Cute, and often refered to as a hamster who rarely has a spotlight, she wins the hearts of Anons everywhere who wish her more screen time as well as the love of her crush (...or so they do). Nickname usually suffixed with -tan.

This nickname has also been extended to other anime characters that eat often and have almost the same characteristics as Ayumu, including Mello of Death Note.

It should also be noted that OM NOM NOM is also a standalone meme used for pictures that involves eating or nibbling.

Pancakes and Hot Chocolate

A meme related to the death of Hughes half way through the 2003 run of Fullmetal Alchemist.


Started in a topic where the OP posted a picture of Chun-Li's naked ass, then went on to talk about something unrelated. At the end of his post, he put something along the lines of "Also, man chest" in spoiler tags, illuminated for all to see using the ">>" code. Several Anonymous looked Chun-Li for a while, then realized that her left cheek resembled the outline of a chest, and the seperation between cheeks the countour of an arm connected to a shoulder. After numerous "bricks were shat" and "can't unsee it" comments, another picture featuring Griffith from Berserk appeared, with slightly more believable proportions (the "neck" was't as thick on this one), causing more surprise among Anonymous. From time to time, both pictures appeared and Anonymous continued to express surprise and sexual confusion.



Put it in

Put it in!

A minor meme based on an the 4th episode of Excel Saga. The episode parodies visual novels and dating sims with its "Love Poemy" game, for which nearly every single decision has a "put it in" option in addition to the other two more reasonable options. Has mostly been replaced by Genuflect.



Previously standard answer in /a/ to newfag requests to identify an anime; more often than not when asking about a picture of Sanada-san from UFO Princess Valkyrie. Now mostly defunct, and replaced by Bible Black.

Robotech is not actually an anime, but rather a "series" made in America by merging three different mecha anime (Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada; only the first two are somewhat related) with results that are generally held in poor regard by both /a/ssholes and /m/orons.

Another example is Voltron.


Roulette Threads

Originating from a one-day annoying stream of "if your post ends in ##, this will happen...", /a/nonymous began making a chart of their favourite anime wives and playing a game of roulette where if the last two digits of your post number corresponds to the unlucky lady on the chart, you get to marry her. Of course, with the majority of /a/ users being so ronery (see above), roulette games happen more than once on a daily basis, and hundreds of anons try to score imaginary wives in their imaginary anime fantasies. Roulette threads eventually evolved from just waifus to obscurities such as winning GAR men (Akagi, GTO, etc.), joke entries via SaiGAR (Yami, Cabbage), or some other disturbing things. To this day they still run on a daily basis, so have fun with your imaginary multiple marriages.



They're Schneizel Effort.

The appropriate response to a thread whenever the fansubbing group "gg" is brought up, followed by "ALL HAIL BRITANNIA." This is a reference to gg's irrational love of all things Schneizel.

Strike Witches

A GONZO adaption of a light novel. About flying pantsless loli witches fighting aliens. Seriously.

Despite being by GONZO, the show was immensely popular on /a/ for its ridiculous concept, faptastic fanart, and (to a lesser extent) the surprisingly well-researched references to WWII history and technology.

However, detractors usually sage threads of it for having the premise of a wish fulfillment webcomic, which leads to retarded e-wars.


Nickname for the popular visual novel's bad anime adaption Chaos;Head. What would have been awesome when people were lured in by fanservice delusions, girls with lol-swords, a dismembered bloody hand holding a cell phone, and some hot girls, turned into something most people sat through just to watch the ending theme because they felt SUPER SPECIAL. The popularity of the visual novel quickly died down on /a/, while /jp/ continues to ramble about how great sitting through walls of text is. Every thread you make on /a/ about this is automatically SUPER SPECIAL with the song playing in your head manually.

Titty Monster


An insult given in dialogue to a boy's obnoxiously well-endowed and mischievous sister in a famously reposted incest doujinshi. The specific panel has her bent and pushing her breasts together with self-satisfied amd almost manic shit-eating grin. Occasionally misidentified as MEGA MILK based on her unusually appropriate engrish t-shirt.


An ironic forced meme that tried to subdue other forced memes but ended up as one itself. Usually accompanied by a crazed picture of Washizu Iwao with his "RON RON ROOOOOON!!!" face.

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Don't like Lucky Star? What's the matter...too much FOOD for thought?

Short-lived /a/ macro meme from July 2007, featuring the "Big Dog" mascot from the line of T-Shirts of the same name. Consisted of a picture of the "Tuff Dawg" in an exaggerated pose, either in deep thought or pointing assertively, with "lame" taglines, as if to imply the macro was designed by an underaged b& attempting to look sophisticated or edgy. The macro's text is generated as Microsoft Wordart, using different styles to accentuate different words. This meme was almost immediately stolen by /v/, but its presence on /a/ remained notable until the idea was in turn stolen by SomethingAwful, who claimed credit and put an offending watermark on the /a/ original variants (though it known that SA goons also post in /a/). Now considered a dead meme, though the "thinking" Tuff Dawg often appears in posts as a sign of sarcasm, and several of the taglines became memes proper themselves (like, "Don't like Evangelion? What's the matter...too DEEP for you?";"Gurren-Lagann? I liked it better when it was called EVANGELION";"Don't like uterus sex? What's the matter...too DEEP for you?")

Ocassionally replaced by a screencap of Etemon, a sunglasses-elvis-monkey digimon, in a similar pose.

What's To Discuss?

Inevitable reply to threads about certain anime, implying the show is worth watching but is difficult to outright discuss, especially in the context of an imageboard. Many of these shows are slow, contemplative, and traditional seinen, the implication is the average grubby, moe-obsessed otaku pass on it and it can be 'the best show no one is watching'.

...You Lost Me.

You should be able to solve this.


There can be only one.

An annoying and overposted meme featuring Yami, the alter form of Yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh!. A poster will post an image of Yami making some kind of prediction, which always involves a post that ends with the number 5. Usually in the form of "This post will end in 5" or "Next person in this thread whose post ends in 5 gets his mind crushed" (A further play on Yu-Gi-Oh!). Memeworthy for the fact that Yami tends to be unbelievable accurate in these predictions, making a number of 5 related GETs, including 7777775 (nearly impossible considering the faggotry the board was experiencing in the rush to for the 7777777 GET). Yami's accuracy is such that he has been declared King of GETS on /a/, and has become completely inseparable from the number 5, popping up every now and then trying to get 5-posts and doing so with a high rate of success. There are several impostors about, which can be identified by both their very low success rate and by a too limited supply of Yami images. As such the meme has become old and a prime sage target, but may experience a slight revival from making post 50557755 (with five 5's) in /b/, a short time after Kira from Death Note hij/a/cked the 50555555 GET.


Year of the *

Your resistance only makes my penis harder!

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

A series of heavily edited videos of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! with the dialog redubbed by a sound-alike to create a derisive parody. They would not be notable if it weren't for the fact that they have spawned several popular memes, including "IN AMERICA", "Screw the rules, I have green hair/money!", and "EGYPTIAN LASER BEAMS". Most denizens of /a/ are familiar with these memes, even if they haven't seen the videos from which they originated. Much of YGO:TAS has actually been fansubbed back into Japanese, lols ensued.

Zabuza Sword Cannot Be Beat

Zabuza Sword's triumphant return.

A line from a laughable American commercial for a pair of toys based on the manga and anime series Naruto. The "Zabuza Sword" is a huge sword wielded by Zabuza Momochi, one of the early villains of the series. Also in the commercial is a "Shuriken Shooter", inexplicably pronounced "Sharkan Shooter" by the boy portraying Sasuke Uchiha (one of the main characters of Naruto). In the commerical the Actor playing Zabuza wields the sword (Which is scaled down to 1/4 it's orignal size) and cuts through several paper targets, the Sasuka actor then throws the Shuriken Shooter through a single target and the Zabuza actor drops the sword looking dejected. Obviously all Zabuza had to do was walk over to the kid and wring the little shit's neck to beat him.

Ironically, soon after the commerical aired, Zabuza's sword reappeared in a much later chapter of the manga, now wielded by a former student of Zabuza who is Sasuke's new minion. This resulted in many lulz on /a/ and elsewhere on the Internets. In a later chapter, it was shown that Zabuza Sword can in fact be beat, after the Raikage broke it during a fight with Sasuke's group. While some mourned the loss of Zabuza Sword, most were busy cheering the Raikage for beating the hell out of Sasuke's emo ass.

Later still, the still-broken Zabuza Sword was SPOILER reunited with Zabuza, who's now a zombie (don't ask), and proves maybe it really can't be beat after all, because it absorbs the iron from its victims' blood to repair itself (again, don't ask).

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