Fansubbers = stupid

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Don't post on 4ch.

fansubbers = stupid is a minor fansub drama/Code Geass meme started by the assholes at gg-fansubs.

gg pissed off /a/, and a good portion of the intarwebs, with their incessant efforts to sabotage users of VideoLan (VLC) Media Player. While widely considered to be a shitty player, VLC is also multi-functional and is most popular among Anonymous for taking screenshots to post on 4chan. Attempts to troll VLC users can be traced back through the group's history, though at first they were a mere nuisance, usually taking the form of comments by "bear" that broke the subtitle parsing when played in VLC (though otherwise invisible in any other player).

gg recieved many complaints about these comments from AnimeSuki or otherwise large weeaboo infested communities, and sometimes from 4channers, though the majority of /a/ssholes couldn't have cared less (Code Geass dialogue moved so quickly that it was hardly worth the trouble to bitch).

Nevertheless, gg chose to target 4chan, and inside of their Code Geass episode 14 subtitles they put in a translator's note regarding the spelling of the old axiom "just deserts." The note was addressed to a "4ch", warning it to not say "fansubbers = stupid" and ending in a cited source.

As a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, "fansubbers = stupid" became an instant meme, and gg went under even more fire for attempting to defend themselves ex ante when no one would have given a shit otherwise.