Felecia Arlington

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Experimental pilot for the "Lucy" Chimera. A Vital, good-natured, American girl, and probably the most skillful pilot of the three. She is also a violent warrior, and seems to enjoy battle a little too much to be altogether healthy. her personality is completely different inside and outside of battle.

Age: 28

Nationality: American

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Mech: Lucy


She should have long, blond, full-bodied hair, and most likely a good-sized bust (this is anime after all). As the series goes on she could get slightly bedraggled in appearance. She should have a mole somewhere on her cheek.


She is the only one of the three pilots who remembers a world without War. Born in 410, she was a normal girl living in the American south. World events passed her by without much notice for the first 11 years of her life. Then the USA was mass-bombed by armies of JEK WMs in 422. She was not left orphaned, but she might as well have been. Her mother, always a distant presence in her life, went off to help the war effort as a nurse overseas, and her father, a decorated general, was rarely around as it is. Left to her nanny, she acted out often. It wasn't until she joined up in 430 to get closer to her distant father that she could finally calm down.

Because of her father's influence, she was mostly sent on uninteresting recon missions and to protect unimportant bases. She saw her first taste of real combat when her base was attacked by JEK WM in the dead of the night. With her at the lead of the pack, they tore through the enemy WM, and suddenly she realized that she enjoyed fighting.

She confided this to a psychologist a few years afterward, after a fight with another WM trooper had gotten out of hand and she had seriously injured another soldier. She was discharged for psychopathic tendencies in 433, but the records were expunged by her father. The official records now say that she was discharged with honors, for "exhaustion."

Not altogether satisfied with her tour of service, she got a job at a testing Lab for the "CP-8" project, and thanks to her records being private, she was allowed to be a test-pilot.