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Classic anti-furry macro
Furries are drama.

Drama, among other things, is a deactivated wordfilter for almost anything relating to furries, because according to moot and WT Snacks, "furries cause drama". Despite it being an inactive wordfilter, furries are still occasionally referred to as "drama", and furry fans and artists are sometimes called "dramafags".

This stems from the fact that furry fandom is a nebulous group; the only thing that really holds it together is "we like cartoon animals", and most fans belong to one or more subcultures inside the fandom that don't necessarily get along with each other. The "furvert" subculture, which is sexually driven and has a whole list of unique fetishes, grew up around the fact that a lot of furry art is pornographic. This caused one of the first major flame wars in the fandom, about whether it was about relatively harmless, kid-friendly "funny animals" (like you'd see in the Sunday comics or at a ball game), or about fetishism and partying with an animal theme (not unlike what happened with disco and porn in the late 1970s; see, for example, Boogie Nights). On top of that, being a fantasy-related culture, furry has its share of people who aren't exactly right in the head; depression, "teen angst"/hikikomori (even amongst people well into their 20s) and entitlement issues are common, and quite a few people use the fandom as a religion ("lifestylers") or a support group. This combination of issues make furry one of the biggest "don't talk about this" topics on many boards, since (given the right environment) a thread about it can spiral out of control easily; this wasn't helped when Something Awful and Portal of Evil, among others, discovered the furverts in the early 2000s, something many hardcore furries are still bitter about.


How to tell when you've hit furry level

Pictures of anthropomorphic animals, usually of a sexual nature. Despised by most 4chan posters and strictly forbidden on all boards except for /b/. Even on /b/ furry pictures are generally not well received; "Furry Friday" has become a fixture in spite of this, but still provokes arguments among /b/tards. Furry artists and fans are derisively known as "furfags", which has little do with being gay and more to do with attention whoring. A few characters have gotten exceptions for being "hot", nostalgic, or technically appropriate to certain boards (Gadget from Rescue Rangers and Renamon from Digimon Tamers are examples). Some artists also have a (VERY) small following on /b/, such as the eponymous Tojyo, but its fans are usually tactfully quiet about this.

(c)Jax, © Jax

"Everything is copyright Jax." Phrase coined in response to a furry artist bringing his art to /b/; turned into the official reply to anything posted in /b/ one day in March of 2005. Continued on until later in the day, when either people got bored of it or W.T. Snacks did something. For a short time, "Jax" was wordfiltered into moot. Jax's personal website was hacked and deleted by a /b/ member, causing a stir on his LiveJournal. Jax prefers to be referred to as a man, but is actually a woman. However, since there are no women on the Internet, that is unlikely. FYI, the password was kawaii.

April Furs Day

April 1, 2005, defying previous statements that no such board would ever exist on 4chan, moot created /fur/, a furry board. As the board was created on April 1, it was immediately assumed to be an April Fools joke. However, /fur/ was still up the next day and trolling it was openly discouraged, so the furfags began to believe /fur/ was for real. But the joke was truly on them, as everyone posting to /fur/ got banned (with redirection to an alternate "April Fools" ban page) and the board soon vanished forever. The idea probably came from the Something Awful forums, who had done a similar but more elaborate honeypot to excise its own furry population. As always, 7chan attempted to emulate its progenitor, two years after, only to fail spectacularly, as every moderator forgot about it immediately after the initial lulz from trolling their own userbase was had. They forgot to delete it, or even ban any posters, for almost two whole days, having been embroiled in IRC hijinks and online games, then after rolling over and smacking their snooze alarm once again only to find it coated in furry spooge, they finally remembered what they planned to do in the first place. Unlike the 4chan example, both trolls AND furries were banned, leading to even more unintentional self-trolling. All in all, a grand show PT Barnum would have been proud of, if he had been EFG.


A fairly unpopular male furry BDSM-fetishist camwhore. Stirred drama when he supposedly "left" 4chan because of lotus seed. moot then appended "ANDREUS WILL NOT LEAVE IF YOU STOP POSTING LOTUS SEED POD PRAISE JESUS!" to his post in huge red text, but by either mistake or design, he left the tags open, meaning that every post beneath Andreus' was rendered in massive red text. The presence of this text led many to believe 4chan was ending. Has since been shown not to have left 4chan, and still regularly camwhores on /b/. His leaving post has become copypasta (Snacks was particularly amused by it) and his "signature", consisting of "-Andreus (nerd-chan)" is very occasionally appended to pseudo-intellectual posts.

Cox the Fox



From a panel in the babyfur comic, Incontinent Student Bodies, where a rabbit that has wet himself begins crying ("BAWWWWWW!!"). Typically used (with or without the image) to imply that person being replied to is a pathetic whiner.


Term used to accurately describe furries.

Furry Copypasta

A rant from a furry insisting he is, indeed, a fox and not a human. Describes almost everything bad about the furry fandom in just 7 sentences, and the combative tone makes it a highly effective troll even after being reposted hundreds of times. Versions depicting otaku, anime characters and /b/ memes have shown up as well, mostly to mock the original. The full text of the original is:

"Yes, I am a fox. So? I dont see any problem. I embraced my animal soul long ago and I am happy together with my boyfriend (who is a cute b/w wolf). We have a fucking lot of friends in and outside of the fandom and I am pretty slim and good looking.
But thanks anyway asshole. Go and watch your stupid anime shit while I have SEX with my boyfriend."

Furry Friday

Furry Friday is the classic theme day for Fridays. On Furry Friday all threads are furry threads.

Jeremy Bernal

Popular furry artist of the site sexyfur.com. Despite his art even being popular with some /b/tards, he is ridiculed for generally being a huge prick about art distribution and taking strops about his art being obtained without payment. He is not the only artist like this; Tojyo, another furry artist, stopped producing art altogether after some started erasing his signature from his art and claiming it as theirs. Furry watchers may note that Bernal is possibly resurfacing, much like the mighty whale, in need of a breath of air. It is hoped that his art will again be shamelessly redistributed, to make him go away again. Many lulz will likely be had.

Orange Penis


An image by a furry artist that has a chunky anthropomorphic lizard with an orange colored penis. This is a forced meme that usually shows up as a thread itself with the caption "Orange Penis. Discuss.", or in Furry threads.


Inspired by the furry comic Incontinent Student Bodies. Orca stacks[1] refers to some horrible adult diaper contraption worn by an orca to prevent leakage.


YIFF IN HELL is a common meme that means exactly what it looks like. Yiffing is furry "sex." The phrase is commonly associated with an image macro of Hank Scorpio from The Simpsons using a flame thrower with the text "YIFF IN HELL!" shopped on it. Another classic image macro related to the YIFF IN HELL meme is one of Disney's Robin Hood, where fox Robin is surrounded by fire, with the accompanying text "YIFF IN HELL, FURFAGS".


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