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Gamer is the modern term for those who are connoisseurs of games, particularly video games.

Studies on the other, shit end of Gamerdom

Gamers who comprise the bad end of the fandom of video games are of a more insufferable and intolerable nature.

They are usually known by these traits online, and not limited to:

  • Caucasian, male, early teens into their thirties
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Resentful tone
  • Passive Aggressive attitude
  • Confrontational disposition
  • A self entitled sense of elite standing
  • Forms of humor rooted in sarcasm, being "snarky", and/or dark humor
  • Speech that come out in a ranting and/or whining fashion
  • Off hand off topic racism, especially directed to Japanese people
  • A general degree of pathos-less unrelatable unpleasantness

These traits usually stem from a lack of self esteem, ill natured upbringing from years of bullying and a lack of self respect, and a vast degree of ignorance brought on by their environment and upbringing. Their demographics also branch into other categories of people and subcultures, especially neckbeards.

Overall, these kinds of Gamers are the ones that usually give any other connoisseurs of video games a bad name. They do not just comprise of average people, but to those that have joined various video game related publications and news sources, those that host sites dedicated to various favored series, and those of /v/ on 4chan.

While these traits are not unique to the worst of video game fans (the worst of fans exist in any fandom), it is due to the unusual degree of unpleasantness that gamers get the attention of Lurkmore and its researchers.

The relations between frustrated Caucasian males and video game hobby enjoyment

Throughout the world, there is one known subculture that represents those who seek out academic and/or other pursuits that are not very "mainstream". These are known as nerds and geeks.

Particularly in the Western world, Caucasians have it worse in this regard if one is into "geeky" and "nerdy" things. Outside of those who have it better and are actually people, this part in particular goes into the opposite end. It only gets better here.

Frustrated Caucasian male nerds and geeks usually are pitted against that which their society praises as worthwhile and desirable, with them not feeling superior in return. On top of that, they also face ostracization and harassment from those that abuse their positions in society. Clinging to an instilled academia enforced sense of loyalty to abusive but necessary forces, they then engage in that which they think allows them favor and impression to opposition. This, unfortunately, doesn't work.

Rather than become the omega wolf, learn more about the world, and come to uprise against their oppressors to do better and be better people than them, a vast majority of these Gamers usually eke their time online, venting their frustrations and indulging in whatever inane pleasure inducing pasttimes, including discussions and disputes of superiority, from video games to ethnic races, and spending time on sites relevant to their interests to make them feel like they belong and have a sense of community than the outside world.

Truly, this phenomenon will become the bane of Western civilization as we speak. Carry on, world!

Examples of shit gamerdom

Bad Video Game Fan Website

See here.

The Spoony Experiment

An ugly, jew nosed piece of shit whose mouth is bigger than his brain. He embodies a lot of traits above, and markets it in video form to likeminded masses. Was once a part of That Guy With The Glasses before hoping to have sex forcibly with a coworker serial killer style.

Top Ten Lists of "Worst Gamers"

It's very ironic that the pot calls the kettle black and proclaims itself as the true scotsman, especially when the worst of gamers tend to give examples and end up as one of their own.

Creators and followers of Top Ten lists are always the biggest offenders of this, as while they often note nuisances and other examples, those that usually fight monsters end up as one without a sense of self reflection, as they will always show the traits that define a bad video game fan, and create nothing but clickbait out of their ass. It's like they're usually hiding something, and it's often the fact it's usually the writers are up there with the worst kinds of gamers.

Dorkly- The "Most Annoying Gamers" on the Internet Heavy- The 10 Worst Types of Gamers

G4's X Play

X Play was the 2000's attempt to make video games more "cool" and "hardcore" to the masses by providing inane reviews just as good as anything found on Kotaku and IGN through a TV show. They also encouraged outside hobby discrimination and territorialism for their audience.

Game Grumps

A Let's Player duo show hosted by Arin Hanson and some other fuck who isn't the great JonTron (who thankfully left because, for reasons soon to be explained, Arin is really a fucking penis).

Unlike anyone who isn't head in ass ignorant, Game Grumps saw their downfall because Arin Hanson has no tact when it comes to properly putting on a show act nor persona. Got totally assfucked when he presented his post Mega Man Sequelitis episodes, Castlevania and Legend of Zelda, for being displays of absolute fathead dickheadery and self entitled boasting assmouth syndrome. Also, like flocks of a single feather, he showed examples of shit gamerdom traits above, particularly in his Mega Man 2 videos, with his new partner post JonTron.

He also meandered with his animation career, saw nothing happen with his The Tester career, lost in the Nintendo Championships of 2015, and blew it by calling blacks "Niggas" with his Ninja Robot Sex Party stint. He also doesn't like Final Fantasy, which oddly also falls in line with the massive hordes of back alley crawling excuses of "gamers" we have presented here. His other partner had the experience of going to Mexico on FratSorort Spring Break and being humiliated live on MTV for not being swole enough. Too bad he wasn't a flacid stinking testosterone reeking tired genitalia organ (barf).

Eric Dylan and Harris Klebold

Before any of these shitbags made their debut online, these two guys deserve special mention for starting some very stupid and dumb as fuck shit. As you don't know, these two were once the indirect culprits responsible for the Columbine Colorado School Shootings of 1999, which not only marked the end of the 90's, but also gave video games a very long bad streak due to what fuckery they pulled off.

The two were "outcasts" and geeks, normal people, like anyone else. However, the town of Columbine deserves the most shit too in this regard because their high school environment was some of the most toxic and shithead filled fucktard breeding excuse of a learning environment yet. The extent of their bullying not only was severe, but pretty fucking daily; upperclassmen enjoyed the idea of mocking the two as gay lovebirds, tossing used tampons and female waste stationary at them, squirting onto them ketchup and mustard, tossing trash at them, and even tossing fecal matter at them. Yeah. We don't know what was in the drinking water, but it apparently was that which helped the Waco Siege of 1994 happen when close minded babyfucking shitbags of religious fanatics barred themselves in their own compound for the right to carry illegal spec guns and armaments for "the coming apocalypse" before being cooked alive to attain "the glory of heaven". We too hope the entire town of Columbine burns in hell as well, and that's just putting that lightly.

Unfortunately, the toll of this rectum bullshit dump of a western US town took it severely on the two; most of all, Dylan was the kind of kid not right in the head, as suffered from severe mental disorders since he was a kid, and he was furthered conditioned by that shitheap excuse of a town in that "the strong must survive, the weak must die" exclusionary dickhardening macho bullshit to make up for how he was treated in high school. He also went out and committed some crimes himself, as well as carried out that good old Columbine tradition of bullying and hazing than do fuck all and stop it. Eric on the other hand, was a confused, internally struggling, but striving individual, but also held just as much frustration as Dylan considering their circumstances.

While the two used video games, like any sane being, as a way to have fun, kill time, and take out some bad energy into a hobby, it didn't help that their town reinforced a severe hatred for their neighborhood and to pick up an unhealthy ignorance birthed lust for power; Dylan even started to build pipebombs and put a website displaying their experiments and outright bitterness to the world and everyone who they hated. The feds picked up on this ASAP.

However, on the day of April 20th, 1999, that came when the two decided to bomb the school and kill anyone with guns, the two became the bullies themselves, as the shithead upperclassmen left the school a year ago. Upon having done jack shit of all fuckery, the two decided to end it all, and committed suicide on the spot.

The reaction to this was pretty fucking severe, but all in all typical of a society that blames first and proclaims itself infallible than reflecting how and why. When it comes to the excesses of society, that usually comes from the mainstream establishment's runoff of decadence and indulgence. When it comes to bite them back in the ass, it's never surprising to see them blame anything else but themselves. This is short can be summed up to the news pinning all blame on "alternative media" and living in its own retard delusions of perfection and infallibility. It also didn't help that post Columbine, US society continued to see more shootings and more direct conditioning of more easily misguided people like Eric and Harris to bring about their downfall.

In summary, the two helped build the template for the frustrated, dickless, and insufferable vindictive shitbag template that a lot of the shit end of fandom, particularly video game fandom, that exists today. While its root and cause deserves all manner of its destruction and termination, sadly, so do those who are infested beyond help of the two's infamy.