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Welcome to the LURKMORE Wiki,

The encyclopedia of Anonymous

There are currently 744 entries and 1,438 files.

Updating the Anon Repository
The 4chan page is now its own category. The Memes article is also being split off into sub-articles. Please continue taking entries from the Memes article and giving them their own pages, adding the Memes and terms category to each one.
Interesting pages Camwhores!
These pages should be of some interest to everyone. If you have information on these topics then feel free to register and add it! Are you a camwhore or regular of chanchan? Add entries to the appropriate category!
LURKMORE Wiki provided services
#lurkmore on, port 6667-6669, TLS port 7000-7002
lurkmore webirc
file sharing / 24 hour upload 
lurkmore uguu
short url service 
fuxx us
personal bookmark and archive service
lurkmore wallabag
paste bin 
lurkmore pasthis
search engine 
lurkmore searx
federated / distributed social networking (contact for invite) 
lurkmore pleroma | BANE POST

Proxy services

google translate proxy 
lurkmore simplytranslate
instagram proxy 
lurkmore bibliogram
reddit proxy 
lurkmore teddit
twitter proxy 
lurkmore nitter
youtube proxy 
lurkmore invidious


internet radio 
lurkmore radio
quotes database 
lurkmore qdbs

VoIP services

lurkmore mumble server (currently offline)
lurkmore teamspeak server


lurkmore Litecoin seednode

Game servers

lurkmore minetest server
lurkmore minecraft server
Cryptocurrency information collection
Add information about cryptocurrencies. Getting started with Bitcoin and Litecoin, useful guides such as setting up a crypto mining rig running Debian, and listing all useful information about every cryptocoin, will be a great way to help push the crypto-revolution. Mining related information, such as what cgminer is and how to configure it, will be a great help!
ArcheAge information and guides
ArcheAge is an MMORPG developed by Korean developer Jake Song (former developer of Lineage) and his development company, XL Games.

Main ArcheAge page: ArcheAge

Game information: World BossesMountsWorld

Game guides: Pale Pal

Attention /i/nsurgents!
We are anonymous. We are legion.

The Invasions page is in need of help! Add your knowledge and pics of /b/tard led raids to the invasions page now!