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chansluts as of November 20, 2008

Founded: 2006
Founder: User:kyrio
BBS type: Imageboard
Software: Wakaba++

chanchan[1] is one of the main reasons this wiki exists. chanchan was a catalog of all the 4chan camgirls, camboys, traps and other random camwhores.


Previously owned by Shii,[2] chanchan was transfered to a new owner in 2006 and was originally just a subdir on this site. On 2007-03-06, chanchan moved all of its content to chansluts in order to create a more uniform and easy to browse site.

chanchan ran Kareha exclusively with a few important mods added by belair. Some time in 2008, chansluts was converted to Wakaba with the old mods added on, along with a few extras which weren't previously possible to program. This modified version of Wakaba is dubbed Wakaba++.


A manly but sensitive fox


chanchan IRC


Privacy policy


Things you should do right now, so we can ban you:

  • Post child pornography
  • Be a pedophile[3]
  • Post about anyone's age--that's what the contact info is listed for, retard
  • Spam
  • Advertise your shitty little site(s)
  • Post links to anything unrelated to the threads
  • Post bestiality
  • Post others' personal information, or ask for it
  • Post your own personal information, without being asked for it; does not apply to OP of thread
  • Post as many image macros as you can, everywhere you can
  • Make as many retarded and useless posts as you can
  • Request feet pictures in every thread
  • Request diaper pictures in every thread
  • Requests pictures that include faggy text like your name
  • Use unfunny memes that only 12 year olds could be interested in (man the harpoons, tits or gtfo)
  • Use the unfunny memes in as many threads as possible
  • Post links to filesharing sites (without being requested)
  • Share files using shitty file hosts, instead of using Mediafire, Dropbox, or other free download file hosts with no wait times
  • Make requests in every board except the requests board[4]
  • Post a single picture of a random person and expect God to upload more pix
  • Make multiple misposts and don't delete the 5 threads you made

male general board guidelines

Do Not Post List

No Pictures At All

  • belly
  • bowchan
  • cristi muth/healer kou
  • jersey-chan
  • lipschan/wiichan
  • new-slow-chan
  • pika-chan
  • polkadot-chan
  • Adonis-kun
  • nyan-kun
  • Roxann, Cpchan, roxann raphael
  • Puertoricanfire1996
  • gymnastkid589

No Nudes


  • c-chan
  • Eske
  • GeeBaby
  • lol-kun
  • miko
  • sharpie-chan
  • scormpits

List of boards

See also


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  4. ^ Requests, chansluts.