PM-1 Auge

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  • Notable Pilots: Ken Masurao
  • Background: The very first Mobile Guardian ever created. It was built as a close range machine, equipped with experimental weapons such as the Strike Anchor and V-Blades. It was deemed a success and the GM-3 Areios would be the mass produced model. There were originally three Auge units. The first was put in storage, the second was destroyed in battle during the wars of unification, and the third was used by Ken Masurao during the fight against the Yoma.
  • Description: The mech is built for close range combat, so it's design reflects this. It has two eyes and no noticable mouth. Two Strike Anchors are located on each of it's arms. It's shotgun is kept on the back and it's pistol is kept on it's right hip. The V-Blades are located inside the sides of the mech's waist. The feet contain wheels for high speed movement in urban enviroments.
  • Variants: There are no variations of the Auge, but it's said the first model has a greater performance than the other two.
  • Attacks

Burst Magnum- This pistol fires armor-piercing rounds.

V-Blades- The Auge brandishes it's sonic-charged knives and slashes the enemy.

Strike Anchor- The Auge shoots a strike anchor, a blade connected to a cable, at the enemy. When it hits, the Auge pulls itself in and backflips off the enemy. It then fires off the other strike anchor toward the enemy and reels it back in after it hits.

Burst Shotgun- The Auge takes out it's shotgun and speeds toward the enemy. As it passes, it fires off a few shots.

Slashing Burst- The mech fires off both strike anchors. When they hit, he reels himslef and brings out both V-Blades. Once close enough he slashes the enmey several times and recalls both anchors. The mech then brings out the Burst Magnum and jumps over the enemy while firing. To finish, he lands behind the enemy and blasts it away with his shotgun.