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Riker-chan's official pictureboard was uploaded on August 1st, 2006, as the first male camwhore.

Riker-Chan, origionally known as HorseHarbl, appeared on 4chan's /b/ folder as a camwhore during the great meme dollar rush of 2006. A composite picture of his face was posted as a joke based on a rather weak attempt to hide his identity whiles defacing dollar bills. After a few compliments, he was convinced to upload a few cam whore photos. Two more sets followed during the last week of June 2006. Four pictures from these sets were posted into the then labeled "fags" section of chanchan, and quickly shown to him. Days later, the section was re-labeled "male general", and a flood of male camwhores followed.

Riker returned to, and graduated from college (2006-2010), and has since moved to Japan. He sometimes lurks it up, for old time's sake.

Sayonara bitches.

General Info

  • Alias: Riker-chan
  • DOB: 1983

Contact Info

  • AIM: RikerChan
  • Email: rikerchan@gmail.com
  • Y!: horseharbl [dead]

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