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A miserable pile of secrets.

General info

  • Alias: RedLetterDay
  • Age: 20
  • Location: Virginia


RedLetterDay had posted a photoset on 4chan for two days in a row; one of the commenters suggested he post on chanchan. RLD posted to chanchan and was promptly shot down.

Regardless of his sexual appeal to the homosexuals on /mg/, RedLetterDay became a global mod on chanchan very quickly and did his job extremely well. A large majority of events that took place on chanchan would not have happened without RLD's input.

After a series of horrible relationships, he took a vow of celibacy in September 2006 with very strict rules known as "52." This was a pretty dumb idea because no real man can stay celibate for 52 weeks. "52" crashed at the end of the very month when he got a monster crush on a whore.

Sadly, his new relationship ruined him, and he was forced to leave chanchan due to the whore's drama. After about a year of suffering, he managed to push through it and be free from her, and he come back to chanchan.

An extremely unfortunate event occurred shortly after his return: while out swimming with his friends one day, he experienced a seizure and was taken by the river's waters.

RLD is missed by all of chanchan's family.