VTech Massacre

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On 2007/04/16, a lone gunman decked himself out in body armor and 2 pistols and proceeded to shoot up the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (better known as Virginia Tech, or VTech) before becoming an hero. He was a South Korean immigrant. This school shooting was the absolute bloodiest in American history, and /b/ was quick to capitalize on this tragedy.

Rule 34 of the shooter appeared within hours of the shooting, and photoshops of Counterstrike gun sights and weapons imposed on images of VTech buildings soon popped up.[1] /b/ produced multiple parodies of the massacre, which ranged from a fake ad asking how many people were killed in the shooting (answer correctly to win a PS3!), to vandalizing Wikpedia articles relating to the shooting, to creating the infamous www.vtechdies.com site. It also resulted in a brief revival of the old VTEC JUST KICKED IN YO meme, in the form of "VTECH JUST KICKED IN YO".

However, /b/ has grudgingly acknowledged the heroism of some of the shooter's victims, most notably Liviu Librescu, a Jewish Holocaust survivor who single-handedly held off the gunman long enough for his students to escape through a window, at the cost of his own life. Even the /b/tards acknowledged his heroism as 'epic' and he was dubbed the greatest bad-ass since King Leonidas, which is exorbitantly high praise coming from /b/, considering its love for 300.

A fake screenshot was also made (with the time altered to appear that it had been posted on April 15) of a post saying "hey /b/ I'm going to kill people at vtech today in the name of anonymous".[2] Despite the fact that posts on /b/ purge far too quickly for such a post to have still been discovered after the massacre (as the hoaxer claimed to have done), it was reported in some media outlets.[3] There is in fact no evidence the moron was a /b/tard, or even that he had ever been to 4chan.