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W.T. Snacks is a former 4chan moderator and programmer. This former mod's face and distinctive haircut have been shopped onto several memes (...Around Snacks...Never Relax!). Occasionally depicted in fanart as a small anime girl wielding a massive Ban Hammer. He was de-modded, for reasons unknown.

"I won't get into details, but one of the decisions was that the Team (not the most important), which was an e-team of people randomly distributed all around the USA, was to move in together in a flat in NYC a la Friends so it would be easier to get the coding and the managing a lot easier. Plus it made sense as a lot of Teamsters were to start college the year after and NYC was definitely an option. So after the convention they all went to their parents (lol kids) and "came out" to their mom. The bottom line is Snacks' mom got scared and said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in bel-air. And that's all there is to it."

A transcript of an online conversation between moot and Snacks that reveals the actual reason for his de-modding was, at one time, available on some shitty website.

you are irresponsible and immature, you maintain nor do you appear to udnerstand what a commitment is, you do not do enough major work to warrant having such an insane amount of power over how the servers are done, and how the "business" of the site is conducted. youve installed yourself into your own place of power, and have only remained there because youve in the past been such an essential part of the site, that i could not have done anything about it. it was a mistake for me to allow you to assume responsibilities which i should have known you could not fulfill. as it stands, you should have remained the php coder, and not become an integral part of the website. why not become integral? because again, you lack both the responsibility, maturiy, and understanding of how things should work, being that you are not entitled to anything, but rather are given the priviledge in exchange for being a productive member of the team. i think that is almost ridiculous that you are naive enough to be so firmly planted behind your beliefs, while i have conceded to the fact that my decision is not without its flaws. until you understand what dues come along with being an administrator of a non expendable website, i think that you have no place on the team. until you realize that you owe something to the site which you have voluntarily agreed to work on, just as i do to the users, we will get nowhere. youre intelligent, and a very talented php coder, that is not being disputed. as of the past few months, if not over the course of the past year, you have not made good on numerous commitments and the assumed if not stated responsibilities that came along with your position. this is due course for your relief of current position, if not termination outright.

W.T Snacks made a guest appearance at the 4chan Otakon 2006 panel, appearing near the end of the flash intro to the panel, whereupon SNACKS IS BACK flashed on the screen. It is unknown whether he is actually "back", as in reappointed as a mod.

His anime alter-ego has been seen cosplayed, most recently at AX 2006. He also has a weekly radio broadcast called Midnight Snacks, which he can be found posting about on /r9k/.

Midnight Snacks

Midnight Snacks is an Internet radio show produced by W.T. Snacks, which airs on Tuesday nights starting at midnight US Eastern time. Snacks plays music from his collection of odd digital music and Japanese imports, while people on /b/ discuss the show on the announcement thread (which was typically stickied when Snacks was a mod).



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