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Black_Knight disguised as Anonymous

Black_Knight aka King_Hyral is a troll. A tripfag, who is one of the oldest and more loathed trolls of 4chan, and considered by many to the be the spiritual successor to Soviet Russia, but without the mistake of giving him his own board to lord over. Black_Knight is so twisted he is bent and has been gifted at trolling, he can insult and offend everyone with little or no effort and is beloved or despised by his fellow 4channers.


Black_Knight visits almost all of the boards on 4chan daily, but posts most regularly in /b/, /e/, /n/, /m/ and /v/. Has a split personality depending on the thread and mood he is in. He will either dispense advice, information and help, or hijack threads or attack them with berserker fury for his own means. Unlike most trolls, who either go to great lengths to plan their attacks or do various cyber hacking to attack their targets, Black_Knight takes the direct approach of charging his target head on and flaming them while being able to shrug off any counter-offensive with no effort. He's shown that he has some level of intelligence and is able to read people by their actions in either targeting that or their perceived weakness to a good degree. He also has a certain amount of charisma since when needed; he can rally other 4channers under his banner, although he has only done this for invasions.

He has allegiance to no other member or group on 4chan and even has attacked fellow trolls or allies with ruthless efficiency. Any attack against him usually has no effect. Unlike most trolls or users of 4chan, he also respects some of the system in place in 4chan and has shown he is willing to follow Moot to a point where it suits him. More to the point, he has stayed loyal to 4chan during the Soviet Russia insurrection with /z/ and the /b/day where many /b/tards fled or revolted against 4chan.

Black_Knight has shown he can not only hijack Internet discussion, but live events as well. He has gone to several 4chan panels and meet-ups and was able to take them over with little or no effort because of his massive collection of posters, printed image marcos and outrageous personality.

What also make Black_Knight so dangerous is the fact that there is no difference between his internet persona and his actual personality and lifestyle causing some on 4chan to believe that he would sexually assault or cause bodily harm to them if they were ever to meet.

Meme Creation

Black_Knight has also spawned several memes

Invasions and Raids

Black_Knight raiding career started even before 4chan was created, his most famous ones were attacks on the offical Counter-Strike Forum, Sean Hannity's offical forum (which is still under tight security since the incident) and several large anime related forums where he employed a hacker to attack and crash them.

Black_Knight was one of the original founders of the Habbo Hotel raids and was rumored to be the one who came up with the battle cry, "Pool's Closed Due to AIDS!". He also orchestrated or participated in several major raids (including sabotaging Habbo servers during a Live Concert they sponsored)

He has participated online raids such as, Biblocality, the Biting Beaver and Zelda Universe invasions (where he knew he was being used, but was bored and lead the attack anyway). He currently has been banned from over 400 different forums and sites for raiding them or just being himself.

Black_Knight also drifts off to other chan boards either to use them to gather resources or troll them, his most succesful troll was a formal paper he wrote called "The great failure of 7chan" and posting it all over 7chan and attempting to get several GETs in the various boards.

It's been also rumored that he was in one part of the many roving bands /b/tards, who on July 20, 2007, spoiling the character deaths of the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows to fans waiting outside bookstores.

Reactions from 4chan and Targets

On 4chan there is no gray area for Black_Knight, he is either loved or hated, and when you see him you'll immediatly know which side you are going to be a part of.

Because the word "Black", is in his name, he has been nicknamed Nigger_Knight by members 4chan even though it rumored he is of Japanese origin. A more drawn out variation of that his name is Nigger_Palidan. Most times when he post he is either told to "die again" or his posts are treated normally.

Black_Knight is one of the few members of 4chan who has an actual bounty for his death and has been attacked in real life. It has been confirmed he was shot in his right thigh in an incident regarding either the bounty on him or because he pissed off someone who had a gun. If you do track him down and ask about it, he will show you the scar of the bullet hole. He claims he has been shot (scar confirms this), electrocuted (scars confirm this), paralyzed (unconfirmed), stabbed (scars confirmed this), poisoned (scars confirmed this), and victim of a hit and run (there is photographic evidence to support this claim).

Black_Knight has also been accused of just about everything from hate crimes and grand larceny to rape, but most of these accusations are created by the people he has fucked over in last ditch attempts to take the sadistic bastard down.

Currently all attacks against him have failed because of his philosophy that if you are going to troll someone, expect a retaliation three-fold of what you gave them. Several concentrated attempts have been made to remove Black_Knight from 4chan and the Internet as a whole but they either have failed or the plan was never implement because the attackers pulled out. One such conspirator in an operation against Black_Knight that stalled was quoted as saying, "You don't fuck with a 900 pound gorilla."

'Death' and Rebirth

During May 2009, Black_Knight vanished from 4chan and the internet as a whole. His absence brought a wave of relief that one of the final members older members of 4chan was banished. However, due to his total disappearance , rumors began to go around 4chan that he was killed. Within weeks this rumor became fact on 4chan, and many 4channers expressed they were not shocked that he had been killed.

On July 12, 2009 Black_Knight returned to 4chan and the internet for the 1 year anniversy raid on Habbo Hotel. When questioned about where he was, he only gave advice that "colostomy bags are not fun to have, although you can threaten people by taking it off and throwing it at them." No one has confirmed his whereabouts for the two month period he was gone however many people believe that he was sent to a psychiatric hospital because of his more sedated attitude since his return.

Current Whereabouts

He has been most recently spotted posting in both Garena forums and /m/ and /v/, however he seems be toned down considerably from how he acted before he vanished.

If you Encounter him

Regardless of his laxness now, if you see Black_Knight on 4chan, an internet forum or in public, take caution because you will either come in contact with a friendly tripfag who will help if request or post valid information/opinion, or someone who will troll/flame you to levels you have not ever seen, even by Anonymous.