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Habbo Hotel is an online virtual community where people use avatars to move around and chat. There are numerous public rooms as well as user-generated private rooms. Players can buy tokens via online credit card transactions and use them to buy furniture and other props for their rooms. Habbo's virtual interface makes it easy to exploit. Simply standing in one spot can block people from entering certain areas. Most notably, the pools. And if you are black/brown, your ass is automatically off the site. No exceptions. "Niggers, wetbacks, hindus, samoans, etc ARE NOT ALLOWED", as according to Habbo rules. We do not joke with you on this. Habbo mods are dirty asshole racist shitheads.

4chan's assault on Habbo is not so much a raid as an ongoing siege. During these raids, large groups will crowd the entrances to rooms and pools, and spam the chat log to prevent coherent communication. Some raiders also harass people in private rooms. Large raids can go hours before being ban-hammered, but the truly massive invasions. which happen every couple of months, last until the /b/tards get tired and sign off. Over the course of the years however, these raids have waned as the result of Habbo pretty much expecting the pools to be closed, much like for maintenance, but instead, for AIDS.

The epic July 06 Raid

Prior to the raid, /b/ received posts mentioning of the aforementioned discrimination and racial profiling. Being touched at how fucked up and stupid the moderators at Habbo got towards its users, most of /b/ decided to undertake the mantle of Anonymous, and planned to Habbo to attack its reputation.

On July 6, 2006 in the wee hours of the morning, a massive coordinated Habbo invasion of over 10 nations world-wide commenced, effectively closing down Habbo pools all over the planet for one glorious night. This event is now known as Pool's Closed : World Tour. [1] The acronym for this, if it is not obvious, is PCWT. [2]

On July 12, 2006, at 10:00 EST, the second largest organized Habbo raid, or rather, the second largest organized raid in its history by /b/ took place. Because the pool area filled up so quickly, /b/lockers spread to all areas of the Habbosphere. There were so many /b/lockers that every single public room was blocked and many private rooms were invaded as well. Due to the efforts of the /b/lockers, the entire Hotel was effectively shut down. As an after-effect of the huge raid, the word AIDS is now banned on Habbo.

Also, the Habbo Hotel forums temporarily shut down it's registering feature (required so you can actually post and view the forums) and the error message that was put up (and we kid you not) was "Sorry, Pool's closed. :("

After the July 12 raid it became common place for small number of Nigras to raid the pool even though their was no organized raid and skirmish with the mods while finding new ways how to counter the mods tactics. Any nigra that point on that was banned was pointed with blame as racism.

Late Summer 06 Raids

On July 26, 2006, at 7:00 EST, Habbo Hotel was going to show an exclusive advanced screen of Ultimate Avengers 2 in the Theaterdome. Hours in advance, /b/tards flooded the Theaterdome, blocking off the stage and taking all the seats in an effort to fill up the room in advance, so legit Habbo users could not watch the screen. At around 4pm, EST, the Habbo staff closed down the room and made it so only Habbo Club Members could join the room, thus limiting it to the few Habbo users who actually pay for that. Habbo users actually attempted to spam /b/ with relatively pathetic insults. Their posts either were driven to the bottom pages through the insane speed of /b/, or ridiculed with ease by /b/tards.

Once this raid was over and victory was declared, open war was declared on Zelda Universe, because Anonymous was still bored.

On August 12, 2006, the day known as the '24 Hour Fools Raid' happened. Many /b/tards were again attracted to Habbo, not because of a planned raid, but because the mods were attempting to use reverse psychology on the small group of raiders in the pool area posting notices, with the messages "we're loving the free publicity, thanks", "thank you 'raiders' for the publicity!", "join and dance with them ;)", "EMBRACE the LAME raiders" and the famous "Stay 24 hours, out advertisers need the numbers :)" Now sanctioned by the moderators to block and spam, the small regiment of nigras posted these messages on /b/ and a hasty invasion force was assembled able to overwhelm the pool deck, and other portions of the hotel. The moderators held their end of the bargain expecting the raiders to get tired and leave on their own, but after 2 straight hours of constant blocking and spamming, the Moderators relented and banned all the raiders. This raid sent a message to the mods of Habbo that the nigras were here to stay and no quarter would be given.

On August 18, 2006, a two man raid by Black_Knight, and another /b/tard LazerFlesh, occurred and enjoyed great success. After the Snakes on a Plane premiere raid, they stumbled across a Teen Choice Magazine concert that was being sponsored by Habbo Hotel. Quick to action, even though only Black_Knight had a suit and afro with him, they purchased a cheap disposable camera to record what would happen next. Instead of doing a /b/lockade, they went straight to 3 laptops which allowed people to access Habbo Hotel. Using their own accounts they spammed the site until the Laptop's IP were banned, this meant that no one could use the laptops and crippling Habbo's advertisements chances. This is considered to be the first raid which actually would cost Habbo advertisement time.

September 11 and other Fall 06 Raids

Another epic raid happened on September 11, 2006. It was the first official joint effort between 4chan, eBaums World, YTMND, Something Awful, Gaia Online, Newgrounds and several smaller sites, but the mainstay of the invasion force was from 4chan. It was estimated that over 5000 individual users took part in the raid and blocked every area of Habbo Hotel. At the pinnacle of the pool raid, the line to the pool deck was over 600 long.

The September 11 raid also introduced the latest model of the /b/tards since creation of the Nigra. The Steve Irwin. This model had tan shirt, shorts and hair similar to Steve Irwin trademark khaki outfit and yelled their own messages such as "Pool's closed due to Stingrays!" A reference to the real Steve Irwin who was killed in the water by a Stingray. While only small number of this model was used during the September 11 raid, it's meddle was proven and has seen action in every raid and skirmish since..

Yet another invasion took place on November 5th, a day made famous by the movie "V for Vendetta." The theme was a little different, with the slogan "Parliament's Closed" replacing the usual war cry, and invaders dressing in black clothes and pale faces.

2007 Happenings

On January 15th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, /b/ flexed its raiding muscles once again. Although it was not as massive a scale as previous invasions, the number of afros proved that /b/ still enjoys a good raid. Habbo mods could do little else but disable chat and occasionally bomb (reset) the hardest hit rooms.

After the massive success of the raid, many /b/tards are attempting to spread the meme wider. These include mass /b/tard gatherings at the "Snakes On A Plane" premiere[3], where the traditional nigra get-up is required, a "Pool's Closed" spraypaint stencil, an Anonymous poster cellotaping a "Pool's Closed" poster onto a swimming pool entrance gate. On 7-14-2006 at at Ikasucon, two 4channers named Bakasama32 and tripcoder Sempai's Pleasurous Nutrients became the first reported Habbo cosplayers, blocking Artists Alley, rest rooms, and several other events. Though small, it is the first real life /b/lockade. At least half a dozen nigras were also seen at Otakon 2006, and more will possibly be at Sugoicon 2006.[4]

Although this was "unoffical" and only advertised with a poster on a Encyclopedia Dramatica article (which was removed, citing it as old meme), a large turnout was made on April 20th, 2007, for "An Hero Day", the first anniversary of the suicide of Mitchell Henderson, who "became An Hero" after someone stole his iPod. Due to the fact that it was unoffical and not planned out as much (unlike the planned raid to be held on July 12th, 2007), a large turnout wasn't expected, but a suprising amount of people came out (and for the first time ever, there was even evidence that there was a /b/lockade occured in the Vertigo Club, blocking the dance floor).

2008 and beyond

More raids were scheduled to take place early 2008, but with numerous occurances such as Project Chanology and the overall degrading and devolution of the Anonymous culture these raids were not simply called off, but forgotten.

Shamefully the Habbo Hotel raids are no longer remembered as the great triumphs that they are, and it is unlikely than such wins as September 11th, 2006 will ever again be repeated. Regardless these raids made history as the first time Anonymous realized the power of the massive hivemind that is the internet.

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