Explosive Squad Seigiman

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The Story

Explosive Squad Seigiman is the story of the super powered task force assembled by an ex-commander of the Global Defense Forces to combat the threat of Doctor Deadzone's Deadzone Armada and his bid for planetary conquest.


  • Fortessa Labs - The Science Laboratory that is also the headquarters of the Seigimen. Supervised by Commander Fortessa and his assistant M1K1. Using the mysterious ancient power source Relicium found at the ruins near Fortessa Labs, Commander Fortessa was able to create the Seigimen's Battle Suits, Weapons, and fuel the near infinite power source of their Mecha. Situated in the deep countryside of Alto Cielo.
  • Global Defense Forces - The Military that openly battles the Deadzone Armada. Fortessa Labs often assists them in operations against the Deadzone Armada.
  • Deadzone Armada - Situated at their undersea base, the Deadzone Armada's forces include Ground Troops, Armored Divisions, Air Squadrons, Air and Naval Fleets, and their ever deadly Warbeasts.

Arsenal and Mecha

  • Justice Titan - The Seigimen's first main robot, as well as their friend. His Sentience seems to be more related to the ancient power source, than actual AI programming. Composed of the five Seigi Machines.
  • Victory Spartan - The Seigimen's second main robot. First launched against the new Cyber Warbeasts Pachytanky and Saidofaito. Significantly stronger than Justice Titan, but requires authorization to be launched. He is also sentient, and is rather gruff compared to his friendlier older brother Justice Titan. Composed of the five Victory Machines.
  • Strato Rugger - The personal robot of Seigi Silver. First launched against the Zanbatou wielding General Zamburai, and assisted the Justice Titan in time before it could be destroyed. Can combine with Justice Titan to form Super Rugger Titan. He is also sentient, and has the personality of a hotblooded youth which contrasts with the personality of his pilot Seigi Silver. Can transform into the Strato Cruiser airship. Not as powerful as the Victory Spartan or Justice Titan, but much more mobile.
  • Super Rugger Titan - The combined form of Justice Titan and Strato Rugger. First appeared when the Justice Titan and Strato Rugger combined to defeat General Zamburai. Very powerful, but not at the same level of Victory Spartan. However it is much more versatile. Carries the sentience of Justice Titan.
  • Aries Base Robo - The roving command fortress of the Seigimen, and easily the largest of all of the Seigimen's mecha. Carries the Seigimen's mecha into battle, and can carry either the Seigi or Victory Machines. As a triphibian carrier it resembles an aircraft carrier, and can fly in the atmosphere and outer space, rove on the ground, or dive into the ocean. Does have sentience, but he prefers to not say much. In times of facing an extremley powerful foe, Super Rugger Titan or Victory Spartan can combine with Aries Base Robo to form Aries Battle Platform.



  • Ed Great/Seigi Red - Leader of the Seigimen, and pilot of Seigi Jet, and Seigi Hauler. His personal weapons are the Seigi Tonfas. An adventurer of sorts he would explore still uncharted regions of the Earth for Universities. Chosen by Fortessa for his leadership ability, as well as his piloting skills.
  • Maribelle LeClerc/Seigi White - Second in Command of the Seigimen and pilot of the Seigi Heli, and Victory Craft. Was already a masked super hero in her native France as Masked Rose. Was chosen for her excellent sword fighting skills and her background in Super Heroics. Initially upset that she was not given the position of Seigi Red.
  • Resu Puro/Seigi Green - The strongman of the team and pilot of Seigi Panzer, and Victory Maser. Was an ex-pro wrestler thrown out of the league for steroid accusions that were not true. He was chosen for his freakish strength and endurance.
  • Kei Sebun/Seigi Blue - Smartest, fastest, youngest, and easily the most flamboyant of the team and pilot of Seigi Marine and Victory Seeker . A High school junior, who happens to be a master of disguise and has already won awards from respected scientific institutions. Often weirds out his team mates. Was chosen for his obvious versatility.
  • Ira Tate/Seigi Pink - An ex soldier in the Global Defense Forces. Pilot of Seigi Digger and Victory Delta. Hot blooded, and very short tempered she is also an adept warrior proficient in hand to hand combat, as well as the best shot of the team. Chosen for her combat skills.