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This is an article giving information about all types of shitty Internet websites.


7chan is the place of ultimate failure. You do not wish to post there, unless you are trolling. Originally revived from a year-long slumber, it had served as a platform where /b/tards could seek refuge during the big crash of August 2006, it soon began to develop a life of its own. /b/tards who were disgusted by the rule enforcements went to 7chan and tried to build their own, new, better /b/ without rules and with enough jailbait and raids for everyone. Of course, they failed miserably. Their own memes (which were mostly made through "Let's make this a meme" threads) were mere shadows of something that might have once been a funny inside joke. While there are still 7chan user who believe their board will surpass 4chan's /b/ by time, the majority of their posts are either CP threads or troll posts from 4chan users. 7chan/b/'s 55555th post was a picture that showed 7chan's most embarrassing failures along with the text "7chan - Just die, please". The thread was stickied for a couple of minutes.


12chan was a chan site made for pedophiles. It contained massive amounts of CP.

Anime News Network

An unfortunate case of niche interest, Anime News Network is the result of a decade's failure to properly adapt likable anime news magazines into proper internet sites, and shat out a large gaping tumor that continues to fester even today. While not the only news source on anime and manga, Anime News Network is the result of several basement dwelling weeaboos banding together, thinking that their years of watching anime mindlessly and/or in pseudo insight gives them the experience to know how anime works, that their own preferences will make both great "suggestions" for any future anime fan & criterion to properly judge series, and the topper being that they all are USA Grade A born Americans with little to no profound immersion in their respective hobby's culture outside of anime and the occasional asian festival, having took advantage of an extremely shitty situation that could have been avoided all together. Just remember to not get fooled by the site's composition; it is, at heart, cancer on the US anime fandom, unprofessional, and full of people who have no idea of what the fuck they are doing. We will also warn you that there are several "reviewers" from That Guy With The Glasses hired there as well. Home of Answerman.


The on call prostitutes for Dead Horse Interchange.


Cracked is a subsidary of MAD Magazine turned internet site after realizing the decline of paper literary serial media in the mid 2000s. Much to its name, it is the congregation of several pussywhipped, jilted, overworked, underpaid, yet unsympathetic, unrelatable, pedantic, self entitled, and power thirsty normalfag white collar cubicle office workers stuck in a dead end job and financial situation, hoping to fight for their right to win the rat race with "humor" and "comedy", having "cracked" due to what kind of shitty cocksucking path in life they took, are now paying the consequences for, and are now lost in their own madness, bitterness, and wayward frustration, having been traditionally instilled with the fucking stupid idea that you are entitled to the world if you choose a side and can sit around jerking off all day like a brainless fuck when you do.

If you are white, American, spoiled to the point you cannot sympathize with the plight of other human beings around you, are a douchebag, and with absolutely no moral understanding, then by all means, one can be a writer at this place.

Dead Horse Interchange

Remember what we said about That Guy With The starting the trend of attracting many a hack to attempt to be a "reviewer"? If they are the shitty, worthless cream of the crop, this is the already rejected bitterass foul sour ass butt buttermilk on the bottom of the barrel and kicked to the curb to fester.

Dead Horse Interchange is not an antithesis counterpart to the shit that is That Guy With The, but are a group of insanely jealous potshoting pussyfoot losers that still tail on and try to milk their own novelty of being huge attention whoring faggots by inciting the hate of the TGWTG shithead fandom. They are not better people in any way either, mind you- They are the example of what the hell would happen if any hack from TGWTG immediately has a bad day and got kicked off or booed off, and enjoy jerking off behind a computer to their own self satisfaction after inciting the ire of many ie they are pussyfoot sadists, just like what many on TGWTG do.

If they ever come up to you in a van, reach out their hands and say "Come with me, you can trust me", say fuck no and run to the fuzz. They operate out of a crack lab in Chinatown NYC and also kidnap young girls for CP (we are not kidding about this). Their schtick is that by hopefully overturning's reigning hierarchy, they will jerk off on everyone and continue to fill their place, and by that meaning they will just start where TGWTG left off and still be pedantic fucking faggots that don't know how to review while making everyone like what they like.

They own a forum under their name and host a wiki by the name of Ebeeto Videos, meaning they have no real site, because again, they are huge insanely jealous potshoting pussyfoot attention whoring faggot losers who are too afraid to face the legions of shithead fans that are the TGWTG hardcore fandom that lurk behind every corner of the internet.


The art and amazing creativity may flow on its surface, but lurk deeper and you'll find an amusing and embarrassing underbelly of Camwhores and other types of ill minded and attitude filled retards that love to use deviantArt to pretend they are artists. Lurk long enough, and you'll see that it is used by sexually active furries to upload their fursona pictures.

Encyclopedia Dramatica


Facebook is a piece of filth social networking site. Its claim to fame is the extreme lack of privacy and constant media attention whenever its layout changes.


Fark is just some shitty link sharing site with a low IQ userbase.

Gaia Online

Gaia Online is a hideous site where it is meant to attract faggots, the worst of weeaboos, and other unsupervised fags to create a poorly drawn chibi style anime avatar and dress it. Visitors can gain credits, to be used on purchasing clothing and accessories for their avatar, by viewing the site's pages and also paying for them with REAL MONEY. This site has once longed to be an MMORPG, but as of yet, the maintainers are satisfied with keeping it the same place full of e-penis jerking and avatar wanking.

Full of Weeaboo fags, either immature and annoying, or elitist and asking for a hacking.

Habbo Hotel


I-Mockery is an example when you take a bunch of geeks who lived through the 80's, begin to have intense series of quarter life crises, have been bullied all their lives, and begin to take it out on anyone in random frenzies if they don't share their tastes. An example showing that not knowing what to do with your nostalgia makes you a fucking crazy piece of shit, and a loser who has not attempted anything constructive other than jerking off and mocking people behind their back like some high school aged territorial shitheads who deserve more wedgies and fistings.

Kiwi Farms

Showcasing why the western first world of America and Europe is about to see its fall like how the Visigoths sacked Rome, Kiwi Farms is the 2010s version of Encyclopedia Dramatica, but with more stupid, more dumbfuckery, and more first world instilled ineptitude caused by total lack of common sense regarding use of the internet. A forum used to promote doxxing, drama inciting, and gossiping endlessly on live surface web internet, you'd be fooled that this is actually the gateway into the Dark Web. Don't be. For as spiteful and hateful as Lurkmore's Shitty Websites page can be, we at least go after prime examples of shit human behavior and teach people about it. Kiwi Farms comprises of both fatheaded dumbasses who think that hiding in public is a wonderful idea and pussyfoot shitwusses who couldn't be assed to speak how they talk like on forums, all while being some of the most cocksucking dickriding 9 to 5 status quo dipshits who can't even fix their own society before it falls apart, and instead blows it all on making fun of other people on their circle jerk forum. But then again, the US education system has always been at fault. Your tax dollars at work people.

Primarily filled with bitter and angry white people with access to a computer who didn't invest enough time on their brains and being actual human beings and instead thought that the gummimint and society was going to carry them through, and are ironically more socially inept, ignorant, and awkward than who they make fun of.


Neopets is a shitty site that allows you to choose an animal to "raise" as a side quest to just playing a bunch of shitty flash games. The site is meant for children, though the majority of its visitors are adults.


Let us be honest in that works done by humans are going to entail some emotional investment and slight bias, ultimately in the terms of underlying inherent qualities. RationalWiki is the douchebag attempt to remove that and sound like robots, all while the people that run it are ultimately pedantic and have an inclination to act like a bunch of fathead thickshit know it alls that believe all that comes in front of them as perceives itself as "truth". They are not scholars, academics, those that yearn for knowledge- They are talking heads that do exactly the opposite of what they intend to do.


reddit is currently one of the worst sites on the Internet due to being a censorship-by-design website. The content of the site is generally on the level of "babby's first 4chan." Users are mainly dumbasses with accounts and attempt to one up the chans in the self inflated bullshit ego wars of internet insufferability and dumbfuckery. reddit also has history of also hosting threads full of CP, so go there if you dare.


What happens when you give a "hardcore gamer" a webspace and all the room to voice their opinions, it is also what happens if you turn to video games to release your hatred and bitterness at society for not getting your dick sucked. Take it as an example of what not to do as a human being who likes video games, because we doubt that anyone is friends with this guy in reality.

That Guy With The Glasses

Bring this name up on any board and guaranteed, you will bring up a shitstorm of fail and outlash.

That Guy With The is a site made around 2006 to host the "reviews" of a man named Doug Walker, who acts as an in video persona as a "critic" named the Nolstalgia Critic, because his videos immediately got flagged off of Youtube. We put the parenthesis around "review" and "critic" mainly, because they aren't reviews; these are badly done rifftrax and audience style nitpicking with little to no reviewing.

Following the fame that he received upon the videos he made, many, many, many, people, caught on to the idea that if you were a two bit hack with a camera and sat at home while annoyingly and unwarranted "snarking" over already existing media, you could be considered a critic and get ad revenue to sit at your new billion dollar mansion in the Bahamas while you got your genitals eaten out by escorts and on call prositutes of your choice. And so, having screened many of these hacks, TGWTG proceeded to get many of them on board to entertain his pandered masses, who are at far and large, brainless, deluded and pedantic inclined suck ups who have no idea of what the fuck they are talking about most of the time, and taking his poor entertainment as fact. Many of these "reviewers" range to music, old media from decades prior, animation, comic books, anime, video games, and to even fan fiction, many of which they severely fail at in the reviewing bit by not even knowing how to review in the first place.

Being showbiz, it should come to no surprise that enormous amounts of drama pool up and severely implode in fashions of utter amazing declines and undignified embarrassing fallouts. No one ever brings it up, but like any tabloid shit based media, if you look hard enough, it's recorded somewhere.

TV Tropes

Want to waste your time on end with hilarious displays of self serving fan wanking, and amounts of drama that rival even Encyclopedia Dramatica in terms of holy fucking shit, this is bat shit insane? You got it.

TV Tropes is an example of why any misbehaving and pussyfoot fanwanker that hides behind a name on the internet is not a literary expert nor should ever be respected as one. Dividing upon common elements of literature and media into elements called Tropes, TV Tropes proceeds to rape its true meaning of dissecting literature and media for proper critique and analysis into a zombie of over-glorification, as a prime example that perspectives and preferences are not good criterion for the basis of a review, and into a code speak lexicon for a grandfaloon of myopic know it all nerds.

While not a great example of literary discussion and appreciation, it is a wonderful example of what not to do as a human being in a collective of others with interests similar. It is full of open racists, supremacists, and facists that openly speak of their own perspectives and still remain unbanned to this day because of "we're all buddy buddy rules", making it greater than Habbo Hotel in terms of discriminatory shit, historically proven that they are all pussyfoot cocksuckers that bend to the whim of tyranny and censorship, full of fans that long for the cocks and vaginas of those of That Guy With the, and while its articles rank high in that they are fucking fail and suck to the exo-th degree, they make for plenty of great and beautiful user submitted records and articles entailing real life to online drama, hell, even surpassing Encyclopedia Dramatica in terms of pissing people off and trolling them, even if unintentionally, because all of them are presented as fact than subjective perspective due to how it is all written.


YouTube is a video streaming site that was purchased by Google. It is full of any faggot's shitty videos, and be wary of comment sections if you have half a brain- They are full of brainfuck and wat, consisting of angsty atheist teenagers needing an outlet for their butthurt, and unsupervised 13 year olds that attempt to get away with trolling because they excuse themselves with hiding behind a computer (thankfully, people are too stupid to know what the "Report" link does).


YTMND is some shit site where people are given the ability to make a retarded page of text and pictures along with some audio.