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Myspace Angle + Bangs = Win

Tarp-chan first posted on /b/ as a male, and in fact, in Naval Service Dress Blues and promptly was photoshopped with the head of Captain Gloval from Robotech/Macross.


  • Name: Tarp-chan
  • Age: 26


During the Navy years, Tarp-chan was known as Malachite (tripcode !SnLntauk0o) on 4chan, creating famous waha shops and being known as a poster of asian women on /s/. When a discussion about gender and sexuality occured on /s/, Tarp-chan related being a transgendered individual. At first, Tarp-chan was labeled by /s/ as Trap-chan, but due to the similarity of Trap-kun, it was decided by the majority that Tarp was a hilarious compromise.

Around July 2006, Tarp-chan was shown chanchan by a friend and showed up. Riker-chan demanded pictures, recieved them, and then asked if Tarp-chan could have a board. It was done, and Tarp-chan has become a prolific poster, both in boy-mode and girl-mode. It was a short lived stay.

Tarp-Chan has resurfaced recently in an attempt to get this wiki entry updated, revealing that he has not induced any physical changes, and wears men's clothing, casting his claims to the moniker 'Tarp-Chan' in a rather dubious light.