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Xenon is the scourge of /f/. Creator of a series of bizarre and twisted Flash movies, generally consisting of a series of unrelated skits with no plot whatsoever. He is notorious for cheap two-frame animation for most of his characters (who generally shudder violently for no reason) and for having the volume on his microphone set way too fucking high, resulting in practically every word he says being distorted to near-incomprehensibility. You either love him or hate him, and opinion is extreme either way.

One user opined:

"Oh my god, that shit sucked! That was such a huge waste of my incredibly important life. I hate you so much, you fucking scumbag motherfucker. Thanks to your stupid ass I won't be able to hear ever again because your stupid voice is like strangling a thousand hyenas with barbed wire! I'd rather eat a rat than having to go through another one of these horrible Flashes. Give me back my five minutes, you prick! Either that, or jump into a pool of AIDS and acid and die, because you'll be doing the world a favor by not making any more movies any more."

This promptly backfired, as Xenon included the entire rant in his movie "THE ADVENTURES OF XENON", which also launched a meme with the line "ARE YOU READY TO UNLEASH THE FUCKING FURY? CAPS LOCK CAPS LOCK CAPS LOCK CAPS LOCK!!!" along with reminding everyone how utterly terrifying the evil sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 is.

On November 2, 2005, moot challenged Xenon to a duel and /b/'s source code was hacked. The title of the board was replaced with "ALL HAIL XENON" and Powerpuff Girls music played in the background, while moot made the announcement that the date would be known as "The Day Of Xenon".

Despite the vicious criticism of his style, Xenon has a cult-like following, and his movie "ADVENTURE QUEST" has been placed in the 4chan Flash archive. The last movie he released on 4chan was the StarFox 64 parody "StarFoc",[1] in early 2006; since that time he has continued to release the occasional Flash movie through other channels (such as WTFux). He is also known to have successfully pranked Tom Green, pleading with Green to "Do a barrel roll!" on Green's call-in TV show. Green announced Xenon was "Probably my favorite caller in the history of the show... the 'Barrel Roll' guy."

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