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A GIF that shows us what kind of trap it is.
Linetrap, one of the first 4chan traps; went into porn, unfortunately.

Traps are boys that look like girls. If a male passes for a female, in that he causes genuine confusion in his observers, he is a trap. The use of trap to describe passable cross-dressers and transgender people originated from the Fark meme "IT'S A TRAP," twisted and adapted to /b/'s purposes.

chanchan loves their traps, as does /b/.

Memes and terms


It's a trap is a meme based on the line by Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi; started on Fark around 2002, and spread to the rest of the Internet over a period of years, before ending up on /b/.

The original meme was transformed into a response to pictures of men who appear to be women; a "trap" set out to catch the unsuspecting observer into getting turned on by a picture of a man because he thought it was actually a woman.


"It's a trap" continued to degenerate into IT'S A TARP, keeping the same meaning. New photoshops depicting actual tarps were created, to go along with the modified meme.

Reverse trap

The term reverse trap came about to mean the opposite of a trap: a girl who looks like a boy, a female cross-dresser or transgender person.

List of chanchan traps

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